SeungRi made his album in 2 weeks, the music, the lyrics, everything. It was a good album. He was on top charts even when YG didn’t even promote him like he does with all the other artists. And still some people say he is the “less talented”. Seriously? Seriously??!!

Big Bang Seungri Makes First Public Appearance Post Hospitalization For Japanese Fan Meeting


Big Bang’s Seungri made one of his first public appearances on October 18, following his recent hospitalization. Seungri joined the members of Big Bang for a Japanese fan meeting held at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul. The fan meeting was organized by the Green Tower travel agency and was exclusively attended by Japanese fans of Big Bang (JVIPs). During the event, the members of Big Bang playfully teased one another, while expressing concern for Seungri’s health.

At the fan meeting, Seungri revealed that he was visited during his hospital stay by Daesung and Taeyang. T.O.P and G-Dragon were able to visit due to schedule obligations. Seungri has been absent from promotional activities following his rehospitalization on September 29 from internal injuries he sustained during a motor vehicle accident on September 12. The accident remains under investigation but preliminary reports allege that Seungri may have some responsibility due to speeding.

The audience attending the event and fans of Big Bang throughout the world were thrilled to see the return of Seungri. Prior to his appearance at the event, fans were concerned about the absence of Seungri and lack of updates regarding his wellbeing. While YG Entertainment released a statement regarding his readmission to the hospital on September 29, there was no official communication from the agency regarding Seungri prior to the fan meeting, which allowed fans to be pleasantly surprised.

Big Bang recently appeared in an avante garde photo shoot for the publication W Korea without Seungri. This began to fuel speculation from fans that Big Bang may be promoting as a four member group, in the future. Big Bang fans on the forum site One Hallyu expressed their joy at Seungri’s return to Big Bang with user kendothings stating “my VIP heart is now at ease.”

During final solo concert on October 12, Big Bang member Taeyang reassured fans that the group was in the midst of recording a comeback album. Seungri’s return to the group and news of a comeback release for Big Bang are two positive points in a month that has been filled with negative news for K-Pop fans.


When YG uses his trolling powers for good takes care of his artists…

Seungri: *gets into scandal* *ppl throwing shade*

YG: look guys, his 2nd mini album, self produced too. apparently sex doesn’t obstruct creativity and hard work. holy shit.

G-Dragon: *rumored relationship* *ppl demanding confirmation*

YG: bitch I ain’t his real Papa how would i know. he’s a grown ass man and Im busy /continues counting money/

Epik High: *ppl complaining that YG interfered with their music*

YG: lol told em to get out me studio. artistic freedom yo

One of these days we may get an Update on Seungri. Bigbang will have a comeback in like 2027 and YG will be like...Oh yea...Seungri has recovered