I want to sleep with someone??? Like not sex I just want to lay my head on someone’s chest and chose my eyes as they trace constellations on the back of my neck and run their hands through my hair. I want someone be alive right beside someone and feel the breath of another human being oh my skin and I want to feel like I mean something

“‘That is unkind,’ said Combeferre reprovingly.  ‘Grantaire’s harmless.  Or if not entirely harmless, at least I don’t believe you have anything to fear from him.’

‘I have everything to fear from him,’ I replied.  ‘He is not a man anyone can trust.  A man who believes in nothing has nothing to hold him back from acting exactly as he pleases.’

‘That may be true,’ said Combeferre, ‘but it would not please him to destroy you.’  He gazed at me with firm eyes and said quietly, ‘Have some mercy.  He worships you.’

‘What should I care for that?’ I replied in a cold tone.  ‘Everything about him repels me, and for his part, he seems content to remain unreformed.  If, in spite of knowing that he is repellent to me and, being content with that, he still claims to crave my favor, and I quite logically refuse it, then that seems to be entirely his own fault.’  

‘You are very logical about such things,’ said Combeferre, ‘but the human heart is not.’”

Virago, 1828.20

Good to know that female Enjolras can be as much of an asshole to Grantaire as male Enjolras can be.  :-/  This Grantaire really is pretty cultish about his attraction to Enjolras—when Combeferre says he “worships” her, it’s not entirely a figure of speech.  Grantaire is the most blindly fervent adherent to the cult religion called Enjolras.  Since Enjolras isn’t interested in being worshiped, this doesn’t work out so well…

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Ang saya magkaroon ng crush kasi magiging inspirasyon mo siya sa lahat ng bagay na gagawin mo. Yung tipong gaganahan kang pumasok kasi alam mong makikita mo siya kapag pumasok ka. Yung makasalubong mo lang siya, yung ngiti mo abot langit na. Yung makausap mo lang siya, feeling mo nasa langit ka na. Isang ngiti niya lang, buo na agad yung araw mo. Kahit hindi kayo, alam mo sa sarili mo na sa kanya ka sumasaya.

charakawairin asked:

Mándame un personaje y responderé: Tano Yuka-chan! y Nagao Mariya (aunque no esté aquí lol).

Sobre mi Yuka.

  • Qué me agrada de ella: Que habla demasiado, es una bakasaurus hiperactiva, esa sonrisa de mazorca, sus abs, la manera en la que se enoja cuando hablo de Pon chan ♥
  • Qué no me agrada de ella: Que pone caritas raras cuando pongo o hablo de mi jentay.
  • Ropa con la que se vería bien: Con la de siempre, casi todo el tiempo se viste bien, como con esta o esta o esta otra
  • Algo que le caracteriza: Gritar.
  • Un momento desagradable que hayamos pasado: Cuando creyó que no la quería y se la estaba regalando a un pato.
  • Mi sobrenombre para ella: Bakasaurus ♥

Sobre Mariyagi.

  • Qué me agrada de ella: Todo.
  • Qué no me agrada de ella: Creo que aun sigue casada con Ranran y eso se interpone en el TomuYagi.
  • Ropa con la que se vería bien: Con la que sea, se podría poner una bolsa negra de basura y aun así la luciría muy bien.
  • Algo que le caracteriza: Sus lindos ojos, tiene una mirada hermosa.
  • Un momento desagradable que hayamos pasado: … Aquella vez que estaba acostada con ella y Yuka llego a interponerse (?)
  • Mi sobrenombre para ella: Yagi, Mariyagi… no tengo uno especial dado por mi.