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NAC: since all this stuff about the Ani hate, I'm worried that the same thing will happen with ttto, to see nick and the others get so disappoint d again would just be heartbreaking. I heard somewhere that Jeff Blim spent years writing it? So much hate would completely knock his confidence

Ani got a lot of positive comments, some middling comments, and a few genuinely hateful comments. Nick just happened to see some of the worst of it. I don’t think we need to be worried about that happening with Jeff and/or TTO. At least I hope not!

And yes, Jeff Blim spent a decade writing it. I hear it’s pretty great :)

Walking Past Grounds

Facing the past was something X had never wanted to truly do. To look back at the ruins of Neo Arcadia.

To… Let go of some of the nightmares….. And perhaps even move on. The very idea hurt.

The burden he planned to shoulder was painful too.

But… For the sake of everyone…

He glances down at his recently restored armor. It shines brightly in the sun even as he walks in the ruins of the city.

The once great city of Neo Arcadia. He… Thought it would have long outlived him.

"So… These are the signs of the times…" X whispers.

He felt the burdens of loss heavier than ever. But instead of breaking him as they had before.. It was driving him.

For the first time in centuries he had a task lying in front of him.

Slither Inc needed to be investigated. Yes, these maverick attacks needed to stop but why was Slither Inc the only effective fighting source against them?

As he stepped near the crater that was once central Neo Arcadia he looks into the giant hole, filled with natural life now.

"We destroy and Earth heals. It’s irony…" Closing his eyes he doesn’t notice the approach of a familiar face.

Not in Cinq Ville Anymore @fefnir-of-neoarcadia

Hands behind her back, the soldier took her time with each of her steps, looking around as she walked through the growing crowd of Cinq Ville’s busy streets. Of course, it was early. She’d given herself plenty of time for this walk.

Over time, it became increasingly interesting to her how the city almost mirrored the one she knew from long ago; civilians chatting, children playing games, workers scrambling to get to their destinations. It wasn’t hard to focus on nothing but the white noise of city buzz. Atlas let a smirk graze her face as she passed an arguing pair of siblings. Yes, it was almost exactly the same…

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Two unsuspecting girls become Defenders of the Light and battle the forces of evil.

Hey friends! It’s just been brought to my attention that the original Futariwa PreCure is now available (subtitled) on Hulu!

If you haven’t had the chance to watch it yet, I highly recommend it! :3

- Ayu

Down the Rabbit Hole ( @area-zero )

The days where he got his hands dirty with his now side job were few and far between, much to Fefnir’s annoyance. He liked nothing more than to be out there, the sun on his back, blowing things up, finding treasures, and having a blast getting as dirty as possible.

It was incredibly boring sitting at a desk (and thus, he did it as little as possible) and while being a General was fun and all, he much preferred his old job.

So there he was, accompanied by no one other than his travelling companion, a Golem, F type. While not suited for digging in the dirt, it was very suitable for blowing up things with the Fire Guardian, and thus, Fefnir liked the silent company.

It didn’t stay lonely out in the middle of nowhere for long. Often times, members of the Jin’en Gundan dropped by, or joined him in his work. And thus, more often than not, Fefnir found himself with at least a dozen subordinates all joining in on the ‘fun’, as he liked to call it.

However, it was mid afternoon where most of the reploids had gone off to do their individual duties, leaving Fefnir alone once again with his Golem.

"X marks the spot~" he trilled as he blew up some scrap in the shape of an X, "it’s where the magic happens~" he blew up another x shaped area, "lies, lies, all but lies," boom, went the metal, "and the X that was not," he turned his arm into his faithful canon that he had nicknamed ‘Exuro’, pending a better name he had not yet thought about. He shot up a scatter shot that lit up the whole pile of rubble, and blasted it to smitherines to create a temporary bombfire.

Satisfied, Fefnir turned his canon back into an arm and waved to his Golem, “let’s go, F.”

"UNDERSTOOD." The Golem faithfully followed his commander to head to the next location, which was towards the mountains. As they got closer, Fefnir noticed that their next point of interest happened to be near an area that the Resistance had gone through during one of their raids.

As such, there was debris everywhere, but no shortage of treasures to be found. And thus, it was with a smirk that Fefnir continued his cleanup, unawares that he would soon have rather unexpected company. 


My deepest addiction

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NAC: dunno if someone already asked this or if it's just not for fans to know, but do you know what cruise Meredith and Brian work on?

I believe Meredith tweeted that it was the Norwegian Breakaway.

trigger warning: rape/sexual assault

I can’t believe this is a thing I have to write (but I do seem to say that a lot on this blog) but please do not send us “confessions” about how you literally want to rape a magical girl. We would never, ever, ever post something like that for you and so all you’re doing is wasting space in the inbox of the mods, one of whom is a victim of sexual assault.

And adding that you’d never advocate rape in real life is really not making you sound less like a creep.

- Ayu

Dance ( @ flame-megaman)

The hot desert days rolled on as Model F continued his observations of his biomatch. Observations being that right now, the biometal of the flame did not trust Atlas as much as he knew she trusted him.

It was a carefully concealed secret that he protected in his mind with so many others.

But trust, and how they met was a situation that Fefnir chose not to focus on. For several months now, he had merely enjoyed spending time getting to know the woman who used his powers, now, hopefully, for good. Right now as she prepared food for herself, the floating rock so to speak was currently fooling around with the remote control for the television.

He flicked through the channels one by one with one of the gold protrusions on the base of his small form. Inwardly, he wondered if he could somehow project himself in order to give himself better, working limbs such as his arms so that he could do more instead of float around.

While he had consented to being turned into a biometal, it was not without it’s drawbacks, and it was somewhat depressing to think about when he thought about what he had been compared to what he was now.

No matter. Those were the cards he had been dealt, and the cards he would deal with until such time as his duty to the world was done.

Fefnir watched with curiosity as the TV played back the day’s news, along with the recent Maverick outbreaks and the news on the government. Clicking the arrow button, it turned into a show about food. Holding no interest in such things, he changed the channel once more.

This time, it landed on a dancing show. Fefnir, of course, had danced on his own before in the Temple of Flame, as he found it not a lot different from fighting. It helped to focus his fire powers when he was a newly built reploid and channel them, as well as teach him agility to aid his great strength.

Thus, he floated up and in front of the TV as he watched the male and female waltz around the screen, and he went still in the air as he focused on the riveting dance number. He had never once thought of doing a dance with someone else.

How beautiful.

And thus, there he stayed, dead still in the air in the middle of the lounge room, watching the TV.

Old Friends Meet Again

'…To be honest, patrols are pretty nice.' Atlas thought a bit pleasantly, communicating by mind with Model F. There was always a calm moment or two in which they could chat, so this time around, the woman decided to actually use it. 'Better than data gathering, anyway.'

But this chat would be short lived. Sighting that familiar purple metal, at least a small handful of Mavericks crossed her sight in the far distance, snapping her attention back to protocol with an annoyed scoff. Bringing a hand to a communicator, Atlas contacted Legion base. Not waiting long after connection, they answered quickly.

"Lt. Col. Atlas to report. I’ve spotted minor Maverick activity in the C-12 district. Permission to engage?"

An operator was silent a moment, asking the ranking officer for orders. “Permission granted, soldier. Be careful. Request back up if needed.”

"Roger." And with that, Atlas pulled out the plasma buster from the right side of her belt, and ran after them, stopping at a building to use for cover. Just as she was going to look over, the sound of gunfire had her shocked. Damn-!’ Had they fallen civilians!? There was no time to waste further!

However, what she saw on the other side of the wall wasn’t what she had been expecting.