Luke has really broad shoulders and it needs to be brought to everyone’s attention

I showed someone this photo

Then showed them these comparison things made by people

And their argument was that is was because of Luke’s jacket and that is where the adventure began

No jackets in these comparisons

Calum looks so tiny

You can always tell which one is Luke because hes huge






How does he buy shirts??

How does he fit through doorways?? 

In conclusion Luke has the broadest shoulders ever and if you didn’t think he had broad shoulders before I hope you have seen the light now

Credz to the people that made the comparisons and took the pictures and such

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OMG GUYS REMEMBER THESE FAKE TEXTS OF HOW THEY WOULD REACT TO BUYING YOU TAMPONS? Well guess what, here in Holland, they thought they were serious text messages.

"Hard task: boyfriends buying tampons
Buying tampons isn’t as easy as it seems. These hilarious text messages come from confused boyfriends texting their girlfriends while they’re standing cluelessly in a shop, having to make a decision.”

The translation is not 100% accurate/proper english but you get my drift.
I laughed my ass off when I saw this on facebook!