We’ve hit the 2 week mark with the broken leg, and I’ll say that it hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. As with any other curveball thrown our way, we’ve adjusted and adapted, and we’ve made the best of a sucky situation.

Last Thursday she had her 2nd visit with the orthopedist, and she was supposed to get a new cast. He decided against it since things were healing so nicely; after only a week, the fracture was barely visible to the untrained eye. Instead, tomorrow she’ll get a fresh cast, and the doctor should give her the green light to no longer worry about staying off of it completely.

It’ll be nice once she can use the leg a little more because I never really realized how often a 5 year old goes to the bathroom until I had to carry her to the potty every.single.time. In other words, I’m in desperate, desperate need of a back massage.

Even though she’s under strict orders to keep pressure off of that leg, she gets around pretty well. We miss her running through the house and her ballerina twirls so much, though. I miss her being able to ride her scooter on the front driveway. I miss taking her to the park, especially with the gorgeous weather we’ve been having the last couple of days.

We’ve been doing lots of reading and writing and coloring and drawing. Of course, there’s lots of television and toys too. I try to keep her busy, but I can’t always, and I feel guilty a lot. I try to think of places to take her to have fun, but I’m at a loss there, and I mostly just try to avoid any situation where she could feel left out or sad. 

Through it all, she’s smiled. The first couple of nights were rocky, and I was scared to death about what the weeks ahead held for us, but we’re in a groove now, and she’s doing so great. Her spirit has always amazed me, but this time, she’s blown me away with her happy heart. 2 weeks down, 4 more to go.

Let's reverse the roles, eh?

I for one am sick of the way the fandom is characterizing James and Lily and how every Jily story (I was guilty of this as well) is all about James trying to crack Lily’s shell and showing her how to have fun.

Man does that get boring after a while!

So let’s reverse these roles.

Write some stories about James going through a hard time. Maybe his parents are sick. Maybe they died. Maybe he went through a really bad breakup. Maybe the world is getting darker and people are dying and he’s only seventeen and still in school and he might not live to graduation and it’s all getting to him and he’s lost that mischievous spark, that thrill of adventure, that smile.

And who should help him but Lily? The woman who can still manage to smile, even as her world is crumbling around her. The woman who can see the light when there appears to be nothing but darkness. The woman who can make him laugh - genuinely laugh - until he’s doubled over, gasping for breath. The woman who is still so optimistic about magic and remains fascinated by it and just seeing her face light up whenever she sees something amazing is enough for James’ face to light up. Give me the Lily who can see the good in anyone, especially when they can’t see it themselves. Give me a happy, optimistic, kind, Lily who knows how to have fun. Give me the Lily who is able to make a Marauder smile again.

(For the love of the literary Gods, stop writing the boring, stuck-up, proper, Lily who does nothing but scream at James or roll her eyes and huff as everyone is having fun around her. I hate that Lily.)