i need to tell you guys something really important about my cat. so when i got her in 2002 she was 6 months old and my mom and i taught her what the word “kiss” means and we’d always smooch her on the head right after we said it SO if you say “kiss” to her she’ll press her nose and mouth to the top of your head and she stays there for like 30 seconds to a minute depending on how affectionate she’s feeling and she’s been doing that for the past 13 yrs. ok that’s all

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Lets say Mean Girls came to Hogwarts: Who would be Regina, Karen, Gretchen etc. and the rest.

The obvious choice would be Quinn as Regina, Brittany as Karen and Satan as Gretchen but if I wanted to get more global, I think Kitty would be a cool Regina, Lily could be Gretchen and Hugo could be Karen.

Santana’s not really a Gretchen, is she? Gretchen’s kind of the nicer one who goes crazy that Regina gets all the attention. That seems way more like Quinn than Santana to me… But anyway, since you skipped the ‘and the rest’… I could see somebody like Marley being Cady? She’s this nice, sweet girl who lets people steer her in the wrong direction. And I can totally imagine Rose and Piers as Janice and um…the guy who’s too gay to function? Not because they’re gay but because they’re friends who I could see being awesome masterminds if they wanted to be.