Gift for friend: 

Staedtler Pens

Fluffy Rose by Natalia Romanenko ~ (Grey) 30 Units

Lily ~ (Pink) - leftover from the bouquets I made over the summer

Spikey Cuboctahedron by  ~(Orange/White/Yellow) 12 Units

Etna Kusudama by Maria Sinayskaya ~ (Purple) 12 Units

Modified Sonobe ~ (I have no idea what the green thing is I just found it) 30 Units

Lucky Stars

Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday Maria~


We tried..


Yay, my Jily Secret Santa thingie I submitted, a gift for @tenkuunoshiro. I wanted to do another post because it made me sad that I couldn’t make the images look the way I wanted them to while submitting to the Jily Secret Santa Blog :/ I guess I am still a newbie at tumblr sadly xD

Original post is over here

Happy Holidays to y’all :D

Positive news!

- I have been offered a free bay OTTB mare. That’s literally all I know about that. 

-My Dad actually did back up computer, so not all is lost

- I can ride a 5yo holsteiner whenever I want

-1 more extremely exciting thing that will be a huge surprise if it works out :x

negative news:

- I’m very sad that Hailey is gone and lingering around my tack trunk was a bad idea because seeing her dirty bell boots made me upset. And I heard my barn owner talking to my mom saying that we were the best team out there (not to be cocky, but it’s true) and of all horses, it’s not fair that it happened to her. True, true, but there’s nothing to do other than accept it :( 


She was pretty spooky and distracted. In the beginning didn’t listen to my leg, but after using my crop a couple of times she became super sensitive to my leg. She didn’t get her right lead canter, but did get her left. Her brakes became better and better as the ride went on (and the ride only lasted 30 minutes) and overall it was a fun ride!


Bratty as usual. He wouldn’t get out of his shelter, so I took a log and beat the walls to spook him out and it worked. When I tried pulling him out with the leadrope/halter, he tried biting me and I wish to keep my arm in tact, so…

I groomed and lunged him. He was okay for grooming, but kept lunging at me when I was lunging him at the walk. He refused to walk left and when he did, it was only a few strides before he would try biting me. After the third bite attempt, I came to the conclusion that waving my arm at him wasn’t useful, so I picked up a carrot stick and made it very clear that he was to walk left and it worked. After he walked left for a few circles I let him know that he was such a good boy and ended our session on a positive note.