141029 A detailed,and important message about Ledapple 2014 the last live tour ”Thank You LEDA” .

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A detailed,and important message about Ledapple 2014 the last live tour ”Thank You LEDA” .

Details and announcement about 2014´s Last Live Tour “Thank You LEDA”, there´s an important message to LEDAs who has always supported LEDApple.

Good day all LEDAs.

LEDApple had their 4th anniversary the 7th of October.
Thank you a lot for always staying by their side, becoming their strength, and supporting them until now.
Finally, Ledapple has their last live tour “Thank You LEDA” in December 2014, Hanbyul, Kyumin and Kwangyeon will stop their activities as the LEDApple band, and it turns out that Youngjun and Hyoseok together with 3 new members will continue band activities as a new LEDApple from 2015.

This doesn´t mean Hanbyul, Kyumin and Kwangyeon will stop being in LEDApple, as a part of the LEDApple team, they´re planning to take part of a new project to fullfill their dreams.

In the LEDApple team,  Hanbyul will pursue a solo carrier to improve as a singer, Kyumin will start a new unit so he can sing the hip hop he loves the best.

In kwangyeon´s case there´s a possibility of worsened low back pain that would make it difficult to continue on stage activities from now on,  and the doctors said he needed long time rest and treatment.

Officers also thought hard about this, with numerous overlapping meetings, now the band ledapple has celebrated activities for 4 years, they decided to try to spread ledapple´s activities individually.  Even individually, to be able to be the most happy, the company wants to respect the things they want to do.

Although the activities as the five member band ledapple will stop, 3 new members will join the ledapple team,  together with Youngjun and Hyoseok,  we promise to show you the good looking band that will continue to exist in 2015.

And the pursuit of music, or to rest from the band because of health reasons, let´s continue to support the new members and activities without change.

For the sudden announcement, we apologize to the fans from the bottom of our hearts!!

Before the activities of the new ledapple, the current 5 members will perform all the 9 performances in 2014 December, and we promise to show you their best appearance until this day!

Starting from 2015, please have high expectations for the new Ledapple´s activities.

In addition, due to this regime change, I will inform you that the release of the album that was scheduled to the end of this year has been postponed. Sorry to those who has been looking forward to the album. As soon as a new decision of a release is made I´ll inform you about it, until then, thank you.

The current members will do the 9 last shows of December.
An over view of the schedule will be as followed.

LEDApple last live show “thank you LEDA” overview details.
Let´s spend Christmas and New Years with ledapple!

(Schedule found on site)

[!!!] Steroyals Mini-Project: Support Letter to LEDApple

Hello everyone! 

Since we’ve heard the announcement of Hanbyul, Kyumin and Kwangyeon going their own ways during the year of 2015, the admins of Steroyals were thinking of a way we could show our love and appreciation for all the current members before the changes take place. 

Our Admin Wind had the idea to personally write a letter to the boys, but wanted to include other LEDAs and fans as well, to get others involved and show as much support for all the members future, happiness and success - both as LEDApple and as individuals. We will create a mini-message book and send it along with the letter!

If you would like to join, please fill out this form and send it to steroyals@gmail.com! Send us your words of hope, love, support, and appreciation for LEDApple.



Message: (not too long, please! 100 words or less)

The deadline to send messages is December 18th.

Because the holidays are coming up and there’s not very much time until the end of the year, we’ll have to cut the deadline a little short but we hope as many people as possible will participate! Let’s show the boys how much we’re grateful for them!

Please share this project as much as you can!

Thank you~


H A P P Y  4 T H  A N N I V E R S A R Y , L E D A P P L E ! ! ! !

Happy 4th birthday to these babies right here. They’ve been through so many ups and downs yet they never gave up or got discouraged. They’ve sacrificed their sleep, time, and so much more to make us happy with a 50 Music Note series last year, do a World Tour this year, and make comebacks just to make us LEDAs happy. Boys, I hope you’ve been resting well for your break and have had fun traveling the world and meeting all of us. Though some of us are still waiting on you /cough. Though I’ve only been a LEDA for about two years now, I can honestly say I love all of you and this fandom. I’ve met some great friends because of yoooouuuu~ And I hope that someday I can meet you face to face to thank you and tell you all how much you mean to me. You’ve all grown so much and I couldn’t be prouder of you. Happy 4th Anniversary and many more to come!

<3 LEDApple 5 Ever.


He does wonderful English covers. I wonder if he acts them out, too.