Is it wrong when......? Jikook (Jimin x Jungkook)

Anon requested: Jikook pls! Any rating is fine! Jungkook has started to finally get jealous of jimin being touchy with jhope. Thank you in advance! :)

A/N i really hope this was what you were looking for, sorry but i really had to put my own theatrical twist to it :) hope you like it anonie <3

Words: 3,822

Genre: initially it was just supposed to be chickflick fluff again (apparently my specialty), however, it turned out to be quite angsty sorry *runs*….but I think you’ll like it, am I spoiling it for you?, should I shut up??….ok….go go go, just read it!

Summary: it wasn’t that Jeon Jeongguk didn’t like Jung Hoseok, he would just appreciate him not making any form of contact with Park Jimin— like forget he even existed, that would be better. 


AU: Catholic Boys


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