The cast gathers around the table for the script reading of the finale. C&C sit smugly in their seats, proud of what they have created.

The cast reads the script, horror overcoming their faces as they finally all reach the last page.

They share a glance.

"We quit."

C&C watch as the cast get up out of their chairs and leave… never to return.

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My New Flatmate in Halls just said that he was “disappointed” when he found out Neil Patrick Harris was gay, as Barney is “this generations most famous player”. I said, that this was called Acting. He said, that it was because he was meant to have got with over 200 girls, and hadn’t got with any. I said that this was called Acting. He said that I didn’t understand because I was a girl. I said it sounded just like Homophobia and turned my back on the conversation.


When I first came to New York you guys were the first four friends I made. And in eight years, I haven’t needed any more. So I wanted to give you all something to thank you. I decided to write you each a poem about our friendship, and inscribe it on a piece of sea glass which you can use as a Christmas tree ornament. Then I decided that it’s super lame. So, instead…

Robin Sparkles deleted scene (x)


HIMYM Season 9 Gag Reel