[M+ Trivial Interview] A date with VIXX’s N that is sweeter than candy?

White Day, March 14th, a day where a guy presents candy to a girl to confess his love, has surely returned. White Day is a commemorated day for couples to have sweet dates, ‘It is the only day in March (to be extra sweet)’ they say and that men themselves prepare to soothe a woman’s heart. 

Recently, there is a ‘romantic guy’ who has risen in the broadcasting industry. N, who is a member of the popular idol group VIXX, has been running around with the title ‘acting-dol’. Of course he is just an ‘amateur’ compared to Alex washing his wife’s feet on MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ and showing ‘the best of the best romance’. However, on MBC Everyone’s ‘Bachelor Party’, he is able to melt the hearts of women with his sweet words and gaze, showing his ‘crystallization of romance’.

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