[NEWS] EXO - 150528 Star News: “EXO, This time is an 'exciting dance song'..New album title track confirmed”

“EXO, who are crowned kings of album sales and is a representative of K-Pop idol groups, is receiving much attention about the concept of their new title track along with the news that they will be releasing a new album in June.

On the 28th, their company SM Entertainment has officially revealed that EXO will be releasing the repackage album of their 2nd full album ‘EXODUS’, 'LOVE ME RIGHT’ on June 3rd.

This album will include the ten tracks from their 2nd full album including title track 'CALL ME BABY’ released back in March, as well as four more new tracks.

The title track and album share the same name, 'LOVE ME RIGHT’.

'LOVE ME RIGHT’ is an exciting dance song that fits well with the summer season. It has been revealed that EXO, who has previously touched the fans’ hearts with their strong charisma, will take over the music world once again with an exciting and refreshing summer dance song.

EXO is currently in the middle of their Asia tour 'EXO PLANET #2 - The EXO'luxion -’, promotions for this repackaged album will run in parallel with their overseas concert promotions. On the coming 30th and 31st, EXO will be holding concerts and meeting with fans in the Benz Arena in Shanghai, China.”

Credit: translation, dailyexo.tumblr.com, Source: Star News.

first we got the like sexo-line looking like they were fucking born for this concept mmm yum slaying it

then we got these three lost souls 

and lastly we got sehun looking normal he was born with shoulders that broad anyway, then photobombing coach suho and lastly lay looking like he’s 1 second away from following kris luhan and tao back to china