SS6 Tokyo Day2 - last Ment:

 -Sungmin:”Before every show I always pray that I will do well and don’t make any mistakes. I pray that everyone can enjoy the show and everyone can dance and sing together without getting hurt. And pray for everyone to get home safely after the show”

-Siwon’s mom is here. It has been 3 years since his mom last went to his concert so he is really touched. And he told himself to do his best.he said “close up” to the cam, and in cute japanese something like “you became beautiful” then winked and ran laughing

-Dongahe said something we could not understand and said sorry.. He is having trouble to read the text ,stopped and smiled..

Hae said even he has to live without his arms or his legs, as long as he has ELF he is fine.

-Kyu said during these times many fans left for other groups, it’s not good and they must be punished. And he told the fans to love him more!

-Heechul said after all these times he still receives so much love from everyone and he is so thankful for that.Heechul said next time he will bring Asuka to stage. He said many ppl mistook Asuka as his girlfriend but he wants to confirm again that his girlfriend is human and he pointed at the fans ‘you guys’

-Hyuk is having trouble to read his japanese..He started singing “kimi ga naitara” !! And siwon hit him! he said he let his hair down bcs we like it and he wanted to dyed his hair to black but he wont because elfs like his hair now:)

-Leeteuk said that it’s fate that we meet each other (SJ and ELF) and it has been like this for 10 years so he feels really thankful. from Korea to Japan, it feels far but standing in front of you guys (fans) he didn’t feel it anymore .Super Junior will go on for forever and he hopes for ELF to always stay with each other like this.

-heechul just tried to kiss hyuk… On the mouth