I’m really hopin that the flirty dialogue options don’t start appearing too quickly into DA:I because I seriously have no clue who I’m gonna romance first and I need time to assess all the cuties before I choose

Am I the only one displeased by the male Qunari design for DAI?

They just look… ugly.  At least the one on the official site’s face looks like a damn goblin.  None of the stern grace of the DA2 designs.  I had kinda hoped they wouldn’t be *this* bulky (like I get that they’re qunari and some bulkiness is def. called for but).  So much for a femme dude qunari.

I’ll never understand why all races bodies are conditioned the same way by gender?

There’s no reason for a Tal-Vashoth mage to have the same body as a warrior.  They aren’t bound to any military code by the Qun.  They don’t need to pick up a sword if they’re throwing magic around.  Ugh.  

This same theory should apply to each race, too.