Skyhold Interview, Part 2: The War Table

Two weeks ago, Dragon Age fans were introduced to Skyhold—the Inquisition’s base of operations—through an article from our friends at Game Informer. Following the article, we caught up with Dragon Age: Inquisition producer Cameron Lee to ask a few follow-up questions.

In part 2 of this interview series, Cameron discusses the war table, the role of your advisors, and more!

[DRAGON AGE]: All three of the Inquisition’s advisors have been introduced, but can you tell us more about their role in the Inquisition?

[CAMERON LEE]: Leliana, Cullen, and Josephine are your primary advisors in the Inquisition. They represent the three pillars of power: espionage, military, and politics. Each of them leads a contingent of agents they send out on operations that help you in your search for and battle against the Elder One…


I rly lust for an au where justice wasn’t weird to elves and joined with velanna instead of Anders and together they smashed Alienages and led uprisings and destroyed human oppression and then retook the Dales for the elves

Every time I see people post about the Chantry’s abuses of mages it’s just like

Can we talk about how shitty they are in general?

They obliterated elven culture
They destroyed the Dales for not worshipping the Maker
They did nothing to help when a Chantry mother witnessed the Arl of Denerim’s son abducting women from the Alienage
They’re the reason there are Alienages in the first place
They ignore the fact that without Shartan Andraste would have failed long before Maferath betrayed her
Have you ever seen an Elven chantry mother? Because the only elf we see joining the Chantry is a sister
Sebastian seems to care more about the fact that Danarius may have made Fenris kill people more than the whole “tortured and burnt lyrium into his skin” bit
People are literally starving and are under attack in the Alienage and no charity is to be seen
Templars pursue Dalish keepers
The Chantry is generally the reason the human population of any city is so mistrustful of the Dalish because they’re not Andrastrian

All this before you get into anything to do with any other oppressed group in Thedas and I’ve literally never seen anyone go “wait a minute, what about how the Chantry treats the elves?”.