I admire that Yunho and Changmin have learned over time to let shit go. They don’t dwell on old shit hoping that yesterday comes back, they are planning their lives 10 to 15 years from this moment now. They don’t let themselves be defined only by their past, they work harder to show you a better future. Isn’t that a great moral to live by? Being able to look forward and let go of your regrets to embrace whats yet to come; to see that no matter how much bullshit you’ve been through, you don’t need to shed tears over spilled milk anymore. isn’t that what we all should do?

[VID] 照れ逃げチャンミン ダメよ〜ダメよダメよ
顔を隠して逃げるチャンミンが可愛い♡照れっていうか照れてるふりした確信犯(*´艸`*) 他にもあったかな? 「ダメよーダメダメ」が「ダメよ〜ダメよダメよ」って言ってるように聞こえて、違ってるのがまた可愛いからそのままタイトルに。


29th japan gold disk award
five crowns winning.


What I see:

Lee Soo Man actually ships YunBoA so he took the matter to his own hands and tried to push them together. Yunho, sensing the situation, was screaming internally but had to play it cool alongside the unsuspecting Ms. Kwon. Changmin on the other hand, left in the sideline, looked really pleased by the development and could only approve of the chairman’s life decisions.