TheBizzlePost’s Dirty Imagines Issue #4: Flight

(Warning: Explicitly Sexual Content)

I sighed heavily as I made my way through the terminal and onto the jet. Today was my first day of work as a flight attendant. “Relax… don’t be nervous, don’t slip up now unless you want to end up living back in Mom’s basement,” I reassured myself, trying to calm down my nerves. “Just think back to training at college… everything will go as smooth as peanut butter—”
Out of the blue, the pilot had interrupted my thoughts. “Miss [Y/N], our passengers will be arriving shortly. I’d like you to stand outside on the tarmac and wait upon their arrival. See to it they are more than comfortable during flight… since you are the only flight attendant on board today.” I nod at him just before disappearing back to the front of the plane.
I was both excited but nervous at the same time, for I pondered and pondered just who our passengers might be.
Was it gonna be first lady of America Michelle Obama and her husband?
Or maybe perhaps the legendary Kevin Hart?
… or what if it just happened to be the Channing Tatum?
Not even close.
When the limousine rolled up to the jet, out stepped a group of buff bodyguards and entourage. Then stepped out a handsome young man with sandy locks.
Oh. Dear. Lord.
Justin Bieber?!
My goodness, I’ve been a belieber ever since the very beginning! I mentally jumped for joy.
He seemed to stop whatever he was doing and stare up at me, I fought the urge to blush.
He winked at me and bit down on his bottom lip. I smiled back at him as him and his entourage made their way up into the jet.
I greeted them and introduced myself, “Good morning, gentlemen. I’ll be your flight attendant [Y/N] for today and I hope you enjoy your flight aboard with us,”
They all just nodded at me, sharing eye contact with me for only a split second.
I had no idea what it was but.. I got this odd gut-wrenching feeling after the jet took off. It wasn’t anything normal, though.
It felt somewhat peculiar, as if I knew subconsciously that something wrong was about to occur.
I turned out to be half-right.
We weren’t even halfway through our flight when this happens…
They all got high. All of them.
And not just like a few joints high. I’m talking about cigars.
The really thick ones…
One guy, who looked to be the oldest of the group, kept checking me out and I grew disturbed every ten minutes I came to check up on them or whenever they called me for either refreshments or just for company.
I was growing regretful choosing to wear such a tight, short skirt along with my uniform today.
Hormone-filled men.
No, correction, horny-ass men.
Just after the trillionth time they’ve called me, I got fed up and pissed.
It was the older gentleman who had called me over. “Hey, baby, come o’er.” He slurred, glassy-eyed.
“Uhhh, no thank you…?”
His eyebrows furrowed.
“Come on, the boys and I are getting kinda restless and lonely and bored…. and maybe a bit horny,” he mumbled under his breath the last thing he said.
Though I heard it.
Loud. And. Clear.
Yet I chose to overreact to it.
“Fuck no! I’m a flight attendant, not a prostitute. Now just who in the fuck do you think I am?” I boomed, standing my ground as I gave each and every one of the men an icy glare.
“Oooh, bitchy. I like a little of that in a girl,”
“You can go back the fuck off, grandpa!” I hollered. “Come on, darling, don’t be like that.” He said, pulling me into his lap. I tried squirming out of his grip but that did no good. “Loosen up a little, sweetheart, just one blowjob for each of us. That’s it, that’s all you have to do.”
“I’d rather eat dirt,” I spat at him. I knew I could’ve called the pilot but here’s the thing, he’s flying a plane at the moment and if he’s disrracted, well then goodbye cruel world. Before I could say anything else, the man put his hand on my breasts and squeezed them both, hungrily licking his lips.
I gasped aloud, giving him one huge smack on the face in return.
The impact was so loud and hard that his cheek went redder than a maraschino cherry.
All of the other men groaned in sympathy.
The man was stunned.
A hard, tight grip on my wrist formed and I winced. I was then yanked backwards and was brought back up to my feet. It was Justin.
We shared eye contact just for a brief moment before he smacked me across the cheek.
“God damn,” I uttered, under my breath.
“You hit my dad, so its only fair that I hit you.”
“Then you really are quite the gentleman,” I spat back at him. Justin took another swing at my cheek and it throbbed in pain. I grunted.
Before I could react, Justin grabbed my by the hair and pulled me up to my feet.
He muttered, blowing a huge cloud of smoke in my face. “I’m afraid I’m gonna have to teach you a lesson about… personal space,” he said that last part seductively, which made me very concerned.
What in the blue fuck did he mean by that?
The boys then suddenly erupted into wolf whistles before Justin took me into the back of the plane, shoved me into the washroom and stepped in after me.
I tried searching his eyes for a reason why he was doing this to me. Nothing. He locked the door behind him and narrowed his eyes at me.
Without warning, Justin had his hands all over me as he heavily, yet sexily, breathed in my ear and on my neck. On my ass. Up my blouse. Along my inner thigh.
I found it…. extremely arousing and soon enough found myself super horny for Justin. But I had to push him away, though my hips cried no, for reasons why this was happening.
“The fuck do you think you’re doing?” I demanded.
“Baby, I wanna fuck you in the ass… hard. I can’t help myself, but what the Biebs wants, the Biebs gets.” He smirked widely, openly checking me out from head to toe.
I rolled my eyes at him.
“Sorry, babe, as much as I love the sound of that, there is just no way in hell that you can get me to agree with your dirty sex acts—-“
Again, without warning, Justin picked me up by the hips and slammed me down on the bathroom sink, his lips found mine and attacked my mouth violently with his tongue. His moans drowned the tiny-ass bathroom we were in. I honestly couldn’t help the sinful urge either. With one hand, I dug my fingers into his amazingly golden locks and with the other hand began stroking my clit from underneath my skirt and stockings.
I moaned along with Justin and soon enough, his hand snaked along the hem of my skirt and within the blink of an eye, my skirt and my stockings and my panties were lying on the floor.
Damn he’s good.
“Fuck, babe, you’re dripping wet…” he chuckled, sticking his index finger into my opening. I threw my head back and let out a long moan as Justin thick, long finger slowly thrusted into me. “Is this what you wanted, baby? You like the way that feels, don’t you?” He teased, biting down on his lower lip as he stared me up in the eyes.
All I could do was nod since Justin was making feel so much pleasure that I could barely even speak.
Out of nowhere, Justin slaps ny thigh hard. I curse under my breath. “Open your legs wider,” he commanded and I obeyed. He stared me in the eyes as he then inched closer to my area and began flicking his tongue at my clit. “Ahhhhh… y-yeaaah,” I sighed, biting down hard on my lip as I stared back down at Justin.
“Play with your tits for me,” he mumbled to me before sticking his entire tongue into my opening.
I obeyed without question and unbuttoned my blouse, tossing it to the dirty floor. I unhooked my bra and tossed that to the floor too. My nipples had grown hard from the cool atmosphere of the room and that turned me on even more. I played with my breasts a bit longer as Justin licked my pussy dry, that’s when I knew I couldn’t handle it anymore. “Fuck me, please, Justin… my pussy needs it.”
Justin just smirked at this, getting up onto his feet. “Is that what my little whore wants?” He asked, staring me seductively in the eyes as he unbuckled his belt and pulled out his huge cock. Before I could answer his question, which I’m pretty sure was rhetorical, he shoved his entire length into me at once. “OHHHHHH!!!” I groaned, pulling on Justin’s hair. “Ahhh yess, baby, just like that…” he muttered, slowly thrusting in and out. I hugged his shoulders as he picked up the pace and Justin was pretty fast at fucking. I was afraid that the guys or the pilot would hear us but then again who knows? They might’ve heard me, got an erection and jack the cum out of it.
I was so very close to the edge and I could tell so was Justin. “Ohhhhhh… fuck me, daddy, fuck me harder!” I yelped. Justin breathed, as he played with my tit, “Ah f-fuck, [Y/N] keeping talking dirty to me babe and I’ll fill your tiny pussy full of my cum,”
“I want you to stretch my pussy with your huge cock, Justin,” I teased.
“Y-yeahhh??” He moaned, his eyes shut tight.
“Are you gonna cum, baby? You gonna shoot your load deep in my small pussy?”
“Yes, yes, yes! Say my name..”
“Say it louder…”
“Justin! —-Ahhhh,” I threw my head back.
“I want you to scream my fucking name! Tell the pilot who fucks you this hard,”
“OHHH JUSTIN!! JUSTIN BIEBER FUCKS ME SOOOO HARD!!!” I screeched just before Justin rode out my mind blowing orgasm. Justin came shortly afterwards. His moan and orgasm face was so fucking sexy.
We both breathed heavily as we looked up to the fogged up bathroom mirror.
“Shit… that was hot,” Justin chuckled. He bent down to pick something up off the floor after putting his dick back into his pants. He took my panties.
“I think I’ll be taking these, since we both know you won’t ever need to use ‘em again,” Justin winked at me before leaving.
After I got dressed and acknowledged the fact that I just fucked my idol, I stepped out of the bathroom and realized the pilot paged me. Several times.
I ran into the cockpit, the doorautomatically locking behind me. “You wanted me, Pilot?”
I noticed he had tissue paper out and used with his dick hanging out of his pants, he was still seated. “Yes, miss [Y/N], I called you in to tell you that I have the plane on auto pilot right now and that I heard every little dirty detail you and one of our passengers did in the bathroom…. and I gotta admit, you make me pretty fucking horny.”
Oh God, I can’t possibly fuck the pilot.
“Don’t worry, miss [Y/N], all I want from you is probably a blowjob and an anal and then I’ll let you go with a raise,”
Well… I still was kinda horny, so ehh why not? YOLO…
And that, my children, is how I became a slut.