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A queer retelling of Cinderella you say?!

When her father dies, Ash finds herself beholden to her asshole step mother and step sisters. Wanting nothing more than a ticket out of her current circumstances, she indulges a fae dude’s courtship, even though she feels far more drawn to the King’s Huntress, Kaisa.

From a narrative perspective Ash is simple and well executed (YAY FOR GOOD WRITING!)

Unfortunately, the theme that drew me to this book in the first place was (surprise) the queer romance and, while followed through, at no point does the pairing seem…real. There’s very little insight into Ash’s draw to Kaisa, with their initial bonding all but a movie montage. Possibly as a result, we also get very little feel for Kaisa as a character herself. I actually had a way better understanding of the red herring love interest.

All of that said, I did like the emphasis on Ash needing to make her own choices and forge her own path. It’s rare in media in general, but even rarer in YA. She didn’t need saving at any point, even if she seemed to think she did for much of the novel, and that was refreshing.

Overall Ash is cute and well written. I’d recommend the thing.

Imagine #9

Ashton: (Requested by anon) “Truth or dare”

You and the boys had a night of dancing, drinking, and laughing and it was time to sit down and play a serious game of truth or dare you all stumble into the living room and sit in a circle on the floor.
"I’m going to kick all of you asses" You say draping your arms over Michael and Calum who are sat next to you.
They all laugh.
You look around at your best friends. You met them at one of their shows a while back and you started hanging out with them a lot more than you ever thought you would.
"Alright" you grin. "Michael truth or dare"
"Dare" he replied quickly.
"I dare you to take the most naked picture of yourself and post it on twitter" the minute the words left your lips Michael’s clothes were being flung off. "I don’t think I’ve ever seen him move that fast besides when he’s on stage"
"Shutup (Y/N)!" Michael yells.
he laid down on the couch with a piece of paper of his junk. “Someone take the picture”
Luke got up and took the picture.
In all of Michael’s glory you notice Ashton glancing at you ever so often. You blush and look down.
"your turn (Y/N)" Michael said putting his shirt back on.
"I dare you and Ashton to make out"
"What?" You say almost choking on air.
"What? You guys like each other don’t you?" Calum says eyeing the both of you down.
"No I could never, it’s Ashton!"
"Am I not good enough to kiss?" Ashton questioned.
"No it’s just that-"
"You’re only proving that you like him by not kissing him (Y/N)"
"Fine!" You pull Ashton by his shirt and crush your lips to his, instantly melting. His hand is on your waist, the other cupping your face.
You hear multiple “ohs” from the rest of the lads as you and Ashton make out in front of them all.
You pull away and slowly open your eyes. “There I did it, now I’m going to get another drink” You say getting up and rounding the corner to the kitchen.
You let out a breath. “I can’t believe that just happened” You whispered to yourself.
"neither can I"
You jump hearing Ashtons voice.
"I can’t believe they think we actually like each other like what, why would I, no that’s weird" You force a laugh and look down playing with your hands.
"Well I can"
You look up to see Ashton standing in front of you.
"What are you talking about Ash?"
"Come on, don’t act like you don’t like me… I haven’t had the guts to say anything or make a move because I was too nervous, but right now after that kiss, and a little bit of alcohol running through my system I am not afraid to say that I like you… I like everything about you, i didn’t know you could like a person so much until I met you, and every time i see you all i want to do is kiss you, and hold you and let the whole world know that you’re mine" He said in a rush. "I really fucking like you" he leans down quickly and presses his lips to yours before you can form a coherent thought.
You stand on your toes wrapping your arms around his neck kissing him back.
After what felt like forever the two of you break the kiss; Ashton resting his forehead on yours. 
"I like you too Ash"



ok so here we have ashton the drummer


and then we have ashton the bass player


and the guitarist


ans the lead singer



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