Congratulations, Hercules. You have succeeded in your challenge. According to the law of The Light, if one man is willing to sacrifice himself, then there is hope for all humanity. Beyond your sacrifice, it was your friendship that renewed The Light’s faith in humanity. The world would be a far better place if everyone held such respect for their fellow man. While I would prefer to add you to our ranks of valiant warriors, Hercules, you will better serve The Light’s will by returning to Earth and continuing to lead by example.

#That one time God The Light and some Archangels Guardians of the Light decided to break a few seals and jump-start an apocalypse just to see how far Hercules and Iolaus were willing to go for each other


7 Misconceptions in Greek Mythology!

These are just a small selection of things I’ve seen and heard people thinking on the internet. A lot of this comes from Greek Mythology based media, which has become increasingly popular. So I’m here to clear things up!

  1. Hades was really good, he did all he could to make the underworld a comfortable place for his wife Persephone to live. He also was faithful to her and never sought out souls for his underworld, but waited for them to come to him. A lot of his perception as evil comes from the modern interpretation of Satan.
  2. There are some that seem like exceptions to this one, firstly is Heracles, who actually was just intensely determined and no stronger than a mortal could be if they poured effort into it. Dionysus is the other, as he became an olympian. But he generally gets a pass from historians, since Zeus actually gave birth to him, and that’s said to have an impact.
  3. Hercules is Roman. You can imagine I cringe every time I hear his name in the Disney movie since he’s the only Romanised name in the whole thing.
  4. Hermes was often painted with his sandals to identify him and this leads to the idea that he needs them to fly.
  5. So basically the olympians started the big war, but Cronus kind of had it coming since he ate all of his children in order to stop the possibility of them overthrowing him like he had done to his father. So when Zeus freed all his brothers and sisters, that’s exactly what he did.
  6. Yup.
  7. In most texts, Ares almost always was on the losing side of wars, whereas Athena was almost always on the winning side. Turns out in war you need more brains than brawn. At least you got Aphrodite, buddy.