e79 is our latest and greatest. These Canadian designers have a beautiful aesthetic and are already to proving to be popular with our regular customers.  We had a great visit with them at their Toronto showroom and office where we had a chance to look through their recent collection.

We have chosen some of our very favourites and are excited to delve into this new delicate jewelry category which we see growing rapidly.  We see many beautiful ladies wearing their delicates layered upon other layers. 

We are addicted to Instagram and Pinterest where we see endless photos of the simple or the stacked.

We had a chance to catch up with the designers Joti and Kristen recently where they gave us a background into the heart of e79.

"Named after the number corresponding to gold on the periodic table, e79 reflects everything the precious metal is loved for: beauty, quality, and timeless appeal.

We design pieces that will stand the test of time and complement a woman’s wardrobe for years to come, while still looking edgy, modern and au courant today,” says Joti.

Each piece is meticulously handcrafted in 10 and 14k gold, sterling silver and gold filled metals, and adorned with genuine gemstones and diamonds.

"As lifelong lovers of jewellery, our favourite pieces were always the ones that had a story behind them," says Kristen. "Now, designing jewellery ourselves, there’s a story behind each piece we create.  Our intention is that when someone buys an e79 ring or a necklace, she becomes part of that story, too."

The designers met in jewellery design classes in Toronto and bonded over a summer spent as apprentices in Brooklyn. We love the Want to be Friends Necklace as it references this time and also resonates as we all have memories of sitting in class (at seven or seventeen) thinking exactly that thought.

We have had many happy customers since launching this new label last month: “the e79 pieces are absolutely beautiful, I can’t wait for the bar necklace.”  

Stay tuned for more gorgeous designs by e79.



KiNK - E79

Just a few out-takes of us having a giggle. Enjoy!


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