Preference #82: How you sleep.



You couldn’t remember what your dream was about, but you knew that it terrified you so much that it made you wake up in the middle of the night, your breath ragged and unsteady. Wes would notice your constant tossing and turning. Waking up, he would look at you sleepily. With a tired smile he would roll over so his chest was pressed against your back, and he’d wrap his arm around you, not at all caring that your hair was in his face. His deep breaths calmed you down and you eventually fell asleep again, while Wesley kept the nightmares away, like he always did.



You two were up all night after Keaton came home from tour. It was a long drive home from the airport and neither of you had the energy to get out of the car, so you lowered your seat and laid down, yawning. Keaton quickly followed your lead and climbed over to the passenger seat, wrapping his arms around your midsection tightly. You couldn’t imagine how uncomfortable it must’ve been for him, but he managed to grab one of your hands, rubbing his thumb over your fingers lightly as the both of you fell asleep, happy to be in each other’s arms again.



Drew loved to hear about your day, always. He’d lay in bed facing you, and you would lay your legs on top of his and the comforter, mumbling about what you did that day. Even if nothing exciting happened, he would listen to every single word intently, a smile playing on his lips. When you were done speaking, he would give you a little kiss. He would drape his arm over your stomach to keep you close to him as his eyes began to droop and he fell asleep. You’d press a light kiss to his cheek and fall asleep, completely entangled in his embrace- just how you liked it.

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Luke gets jealous when you hang out with Keaton

Y/n’s POV

"Hello? Hey Luke I miss you!"

“I miss you too y/n.” 

“How’s tour?”

“It’s great but I’m missing you so much.”

You could hear muffled voices on the other side of the phone and waited for Luke to talk again.

“Uh y/n I got to go, bye I love you.”

“Love you too Luke.”

You hung up the phone. Little did Luke know, you missed him more and needed someone to hang out with.

You decided to call Keaton to hang out.
“Hey y/n what’s up? Is everything okay?”
“Yeah uh, I was just wondering if you wanted to watch a movie or something. If you can’t then it’s okay.”
“Sure I’ll be over in 5 minutes.”

Keaton’s POV

I knocked on y/n’s apartment door and when she opened the door, she was so beautiful. I’ve liked y/n ever since Luke introduced me to her last month.

“Hey Keaton.” She reached in for a hug.

“Hey what’s up? Everything alright?” I questioned.

“Yeah, Luke’s on tour and I’m just kinda lonely.”

“Oh.” She only asked me to keep her company because Luke was on tour. Not because she was interested in me.

I walked into her apartment and sat down on the couch.

“Let’s watch a movie.” Y/n suggested.

I shrugged not really caring in what we were about to do.
Halfway through the movie I looked over to y/n. She looked so perfect. Her eyes were glued to screen.

“Y/n. Can I ask you something?”

She nodded her head.

“Well I have a friend and he likes this girl, but this girl already has a boyfriend. What should the boy do?”

Her head tilted, as if she knew what was going on.

Y/n scooted closer to me and whispered. “Well that friend of yours should tell the girl how she feels.” She backed up.

“Y/n I love-” I started but there was a sudden burst through the door.

“Luke what are you doing here?” Y/n ran up to Luke and gave him a big hug.

“The question is, what is he doing here?” Luke furrowed his eyebrows.

“I’m sorry, I just came over to ask y/n something.” I got off the couch and waved goodbye to them walking out of the door.

Luke’s POV

"So nothing happened?"

Y/n nodded her head.

“He just came over to ask me something personal and that’s it. Luke I promise you. And I wouldn’t even want to go out with Keaton because I love you.” Y/n said.

“Oh.” Was all I said.

“Luke.. Are you, jealous?” My eyes widened at what she had just said.

“No, why would I be?” I questioned looking back at her.

“I don’t know you just seem like it.” She shrugged.

“Look, you can have friends that are guys and I can have friends that are girls. And still not have anything going on. Can we just drop it?”

She nodded her head and went to the bedroom.

Y/n’s POV

After what happened last night with Keaton and Luke, you decided to go meet up with Keaton at Starbucks to finish out conversation.

“Keaton.. So about last night. You never finished what you were saying.”

“Yeah, about that-” He was about to say something but looked over your shoulder as if he saw someone.

You decided to look, but you just saw Luke at your side. Jealous. Furious. Angry.

"Y/n you said nothing was going on, but here I see you with Keaton!" Luke yelled, creating a scene in front of everyone.

"Luke calm down, let me explain."

“No I’m done with all this crap. And I’m done with you.” He pointed his finger towards you and stormed out of Starbucks

The tears began to form in your eyes. You didn’t want to cry in front of everyone, but the tears just roared through your face.

"Y/n, I’m sorry. This is all my fault." Keaton walked over to you and have you a big hug, as you were still crying…

Emblem3 Preference : You're Short

Drew: As you slipped the jeans on you fell back onto the bed and began kicking your feet, giggling like a little kid until Drew walked in and eyed you with a cocked eye. “(YN), what the hell are you doing?” You smile at him and continue to flail your feet. “These pants are too long on me and i’m having fun watching the material that goes past my feet flap around, it’s like i have little flippers on my feet.” He laughed and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “You’re my short little funny girl and i love you.” You stick your tongue out at him. “And you’re my tall handsome freak boy and i still love you too!”

Wesley: The two of you got in the car and as you were the one driving, you had to move your seat up increasingly close to the steering wheel. Just as you got to your desired spot, Wesley started to laugh at you. “What’s so funny Wesley?” As you began driving down the road, he just kept shaking his head and laughing. “It’s nothing babe, just that you’re so short that you’re practically hugging the steering wheel, it’s cute.” You groan. “Just because you’re tall Wesley and you don’t need to be this close isn’t funny.” He stopped laughing promptly after that. “You’re right, it is adorable though.”

Keaton: Hugging your knees you sat against the wall in the school when your boyfriend, Keaton jogged up to you. “Thought you were doing dance tryouts. Why are you out here hugging your legs?” Standing up you wrap your arms around his waist and press your head against his chest, listening to his heartbeat which immediately calmed you. “They said i was too short to be on the team, i can do the exact same dance moves that they can and come on i’m an inch taller than Lady Gaga and look at how she dances!” Keaton nodded and opened the tryout doors again and pushed you back through. “If Gaga can do it, so can you. Short people for the win, (YN), trust me, just go and prove to them that you can do this.”


Seeing Keaton dancing all crazy when you enter inside of both of you guys’ apartment.

"Babe, do you want to dance with me?" he ask with that big smile of his as he was being playful.

You couldn’t help it but smile of his cuteness and accept the hand that he stuck out for you, “Let’s get crazy!”

The rest of the night, both of you dance like never before under the same moon.

Emblem3 Preference #9 You and Your Child Surprise Him at a Concert *Requested*


"Every one quiet down for a minute we got a surprise for Wes!" Keaton shouted into the microphone, smiling the whole time. Wesley looked up at him confused but Keaton just smiled at him. He turned to Drew to see if he was gonna say anything. Drew brought the microphone up to his mouth like he was about to say something, but decided to keep Wesley in suspense. "Hurry up!" he whined. "Okay! y/n, you can come out now." he grinned and Wesley instantly looked in every direction and smiled as soon as he saw you, along with your son Jaxon, who is two-years old. Jaxon instantly ran into Wes’ arms and Wesley bent down, picking him up. "Hey buddy" he grinned as Jaxon hugged him. "This is our new band member you guys, he’s pretty talented." Keaton laughed and the crowd cheered."Sing something!" Drew yelled before taking a sip from his water bottle. Wesley held the microphone up for him and Jaxon started "singing". It was more like just baby talking into to the microphone with a sligth bit of rhythm, not really making out any words. "Hey look at that Wes, he’s already better than you!" Keaton smirked. Wesley just laughed and handed him back to you. "Are you staying for the whole show?" he asked. "yeah we’re gonna watch the whole thing." you smiled. "Good. See you in a little while." he grinned as he kissed you quickly before you walked off stage. 


Today you’d planned on surprising Drew during a performance, along with your three-year old son, Mason. Things didn’t go quite as planned when he ran out on stage during a song, he was pretty excited to see his dad. The whole performance stopped as he ran right up to Drew, who was already grinning. The silence was instantly filled cheers and aawwsss as he stood by Drew, hugging his leg. Drew leant down beside him so they were practically on the same level. “Where’d you come from? Are you here to sing with us?” he said smiling the whole time and handing him the microphone. The crowd went wild at this as Mason stood there with the microphone, his eyes growing wide as he took in the thousands of people who grew silent in anticipation. He remained still staring at the crowd wide-eyed before letting out some sort of squealing sound, almost a scream and dropping the microphone, running back into your arms. The crowd went wild again, half of them making “aawww” sounds and half of them giggling. Drew walked up to you, kissing you before saying. “Thanks for coming today I really missed you. Both of you.” he smiled.”I missed you too babe, but your audience is waiting.” you replied.”Okay, see you back stage.” he winked, kissing you on the cheek before rejoining Wes and Keaton.


"Keaton just close your eyes!" Wesley urged Keaton, they stood center stage at one of their concerts. "I don’t trust you guys!" he laughed as he refused to do as they said. "Keaton just do it! It’ll be worth it I swear…and we’re not continuing the show until you do." Drew stated. "You better not be tricking me." Keaton sighed as he reluctantly closed his eyes, giving you the chance to walk out on stage as the crowd cheered, making Keaton grow more nervous. You stood in front of him with you 4-year old daughter, Bella in your arms and waited for them to tell him to open his eyes. Right before doing so, Wesley hugged you quickly, kissing your daughter on the cheek, and telling Keaton to open his eyes. He opened his eyes and instantly broke out into a smile as he hugged you both. "I can’t believe you did this! I love you." he said smiling as he took Bella into his arms. "I love you too." you grinned as he leaned over and kissed you. "Can you say hi?" he asked Bella, only to have her stare blankly at the crowd as everyone waited for her to say something, which never happened. "Look Keaton, she’s just like you." Wes laughed, along with the rest of the crowd. Keaton just laughed and handed her back to you. "Thanks for coming, this really means a lot." he smiled. "No problem, she was pretty excited too, if you couldn’t tell…" "I’ll see you backstage, okay?" he said as he kissed your cheek and you walked off stage and music started blaring again.

He shouldn't have


Working on your final draft to turn into your boss tomorrow, you feel a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist

"Not now," you giggle while wriggling away, "I’m almost done. Don’t try to distract me now." slapping him you start to tidy your things

His hands stop yours while a thump causes you to look up from your entwined fingers. 

A tightly sealed white bag appears as you gasp. 

"Stop. No. You should have waited until I was done, God Wesley."

Chuckling he opens the bag and grabs your favorite flavor cupcake. 

Unwrapping the bottom he breaks off the bottom and feeds you to the top, your favorite part. 

"Mmm," you moan, "stop trying to seduce me with baked goods."

"It works every time." he wiggles his eyebrows suggestively

Finishing off your cupcake you reach into the bag to see what else was in there

"What flavor is this?" you turn to ask him

"The guy said they’re new so he gave be a couple to try."

Getting up, he places you on his lap and break off a piece of cupcake

Placing it on your lips, you purse them together so nothing would go through

Shaking you head, you tell him to try it first

Sighing, he pops the piece into his mouth. Chewing slowly, he swallows and smiles

Feeding you a piece, you expect to enjoy it just like Wesley had

A bitter taste explodes in your mouth as you shut your eyes and swallow distastefully 

"Ugh! How can you like that?" you ask him weirded out while drinking a big gulp of water

Doubling over laughing, Wesley tries to breathe. 

"I hated it too, I just wanted to see your reaction."

Glaring, you wish you could hide your feelings like him

"I’m sorry." he mutters, walking towards you with a sad face, almost like a puppy dog

Kissing your forehead, he offers you another cupcake, the kind you enjoy. 

Being stubborn, you shake his offer away demanding he feed it to you instead. 

He knocks your chin up with his knuckle, signaling you to open your mouth. 

You open your mouth and your eyes are shut waiting for a piece but instead you feel his warm lips on yours.

You gasp slightly which causes him to smirk through the kiss

You both soon run out of breath, leaning his forehead against yours, he smiles cheekily, “How did that taste?” 

You contemplate whether to give him the satisfaction of winning or not, “The cupcake was better.” you smile at him and walk away.

Preference #76: "I just wanna see you."
  • Wesley:"I wish you were here." You mumble into the phone, your covers up to your chin. It was three AM and you woke up from an awful nightmare, wishing Wes was here to comfort you. But he was across the country on tour. You hear him sigh into the phone. "I wish I was there, too. Try to go back to sleep, baby." He says softly and you rub your tired eyes. "I just wanna see you." You reply sadly and turn to face Wesley's empty side of the bed. "We'll Skype tomorrow, I promise. Go back to bed, only two more months and I'll be back home with you." He whispers into the phone, his voice sounding strained, and you close your eyes as he talks, imagining he was here with you, keeping you safe.
  • Keaton:"Y/N, please don't lock me out. I'm so sorry, babe." Keaton pleads, pounding on your bedroom door. Your relationship has been rocky recently, with him being gone for so long. It didn't help that whenever you were together, you did nothing but fight. You were sick of it, and didn't want to deal with it anymore. "I just wanna see you. Please, just let me in." He begs again and you stand close to the door, your hand hovering over the doorknob. Eventually you open it, hating hearing him sound so torn up. His face softens in relief at the sight of you, hands in your pockets, and looking at the ground. He wraps his arms around you tightly, whispering apologies in your ear until you hug him back.
  • Drew:"Aw, come on! I just wanna see you, what's the big deal?" Drew asks from the opposite side of the door. You grin and fix the veil on your head. Today was the day that you were going to marry the love of your life, and your best friend, Drew Chadwick. It seemed like you had permanent butterflies in your stomach, and although you were dying to see him, you knew you couldn't. Not yet. "I'm not breaking tradition, and neither are you." You tease, but decide to give in just a little bit by cracking the door open and sticking your hand out. Drew grabs it quickly, his large hand covering yours and making it warm, soothing you immensely. You feel him kiss your palm. "This'll work... for now."