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ITS SUNDAY so: List 12 of your friends that you wouldn't mind having a sexual relationship, be it long or short term, basically 12 friends you wouldn't mind having a very sexy friends with benefits situation.

             ❛  only twelve, huh?  not  sure if
                that covers the people I would

                certainly not mind a beneficial

                friendship with.


☆° ~ Cosplay Presentation ~ °☆

C h a r a c t e r ★  Nowi
S e r i e ★  Fire Emblem: Awakening
T i m e   t o   m a k e  ★  About three months or so
W h a t   I   m a d e  ★  Pretty much everything except most of the boots cover (my step-mother did (◔◡◔)) + dye and style wig. 
W h a t   I   b o u g h t  ★  Base of the shoes, gems and elf ears. 
D a t e   o f   c o m p l e t i o n  ★  Febuary 2015
Conventions  ★  Otakuthon 2014 & Anime Boston 2015
S t a t u t  ★  Active

Why did I choose this character  ? 
Because she is simply a loli, the first one I ever cosplayed and I really love her character in game. She’s really like a child even tho she’s 2000 years old and she can transform into dragon. She takes everything without stress and she’s really funny. She has a really light and amusing personnality. ≧◉ᴥ◉≦

What did I enjoyed/liked/am proud of making the most on this costume ?The top is truly my favorite part. Even tho I ragequit a lot when I made it, it’s the piece of my costume I love the most for various reasons: I put many and many hours on it (cutting each scale one by one, hand sewing them as well and painting them one by one), it’s the part I find it more accurate too, so I’m really happy about it and I just love how it fits with everything. The boots are my second favorite thing of this costume ! 

What part I would do differently or do not like ? 
My belts and my bows. My belts at first because they don’t have finition and they stay on my costume with safety pins >o> I really wanna make them differently and add holes so I can fix them at the belt buckle. And the bows because I don’t find them fluffy enough compared to the artwork. But at this point, it’s only my accuracy problem, not the making haha ! 

Credit © Don Dolce Photography, Panda Studio Montréal, Kevin Chan Photography (photographers). 


norialavellan }

But if you close your eyes
            Does it almost  f e e l  like
                                    Nothing changed at all?
                                                            And if you c l o s e your eyes
                        Does it almost feel like
                                                You’ve been here before?
                                                                                    How am I gonna be an  o p t i m i s t  about this?
                                                                                                How am I gonna be an optimist about this?


This is absolutely Ryan in these photos. He loves modeling shirts based on things he has said. And he totally remembers that time he said “salad” when he meant “chalice”.


mslabelled + outfits (1/?)

“I love fashion. The right clothes can empower you, can help you express yourself, can tell people who you are without saying a word. But fashion as an industry? It’s absurd.”

The signs when forced to stay up all night to work on a project

Aries: has three bottles of five-hour energy at hand and a huge cup of coffee. been through half of it already

Taurus: I can do this. It’s only two am, i can do this *sobbing* i c an do th is

Gemini: I hate this class. I’m dropping out of school… right after I hand in this project

Cancer: *someone walks into the room* i swear to god if you interrupt me ONE MO RE T IME 

Leo: *periodic whimpering*

Virgo: seems fine but is sobbing on the inside

Libra: is sobbing on the outside

Scorpio: S L E E P I S F O R T H E W E A K

Sagittarius: oh wow, what a lovely sunrise *turns back to work*

Capricorn: if I don’t get an A on this I’m gonna punch someone

Aquarius: 4 am, on last sentence: *slams a few keys on the keyboard* DONE *falls asleep at desk*

Pisces: calculates how much time they would have to do the project in the morning and cries when they realize it’s not enough. It’s never enough. there is no god and we are alone in the universe

  • *news article about a black child that was thrown down to the ground by the police for looking at them*
  • white people:...*keeps scrolling*
  • *post about white privilege*
  • white people:oh fuck no! *long 8 paragraphs about how wrong and awful it is to let them know they have privilege and how bad it makes them feel and sobbing and whining about some imaginary "blaming me for my ancestors" tripe*

                            you don’t have a home.  i t  w a s  t a k e n  f r o m  y o u.
                                          but I will  h e l p  y o u  t a k e  i t  b a c k  if I can.



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