20 things Finns love to hate

Finnish tabloid Iltalehti published this half a year ago. Here it is translated in English. Idea for this came from my follower, Kameli!

1. Winter
There’s either too much or too little snow and it’s too wet or too dry.

2. Russia
They took Karelia and now they are buying the rest of our land.

3. Swedish Ice Hockey team.
Why they’re always winning?

4. Swedish speaking people in Finland
We can tolerate the Swedish speaking people in Sweden though.

5. Neighbors
Impertinently interfering with my peace with their pure existence

6. Celebrities
Why they have to stick themselves in everywhere

7. Politicans
The worst mistake for a (rare) popular celebrity is to become a politician

8. Anyone who succeed in life
You cannot succeed or show that you’re successful. That’s just bragging.

9. Everyone else in traffic
Motorists, cyclists, buses, shuffling walkers, even that damn brown hare who ran across the road.

10. Rich people
There’s something rotten in them.

11. Teetotalers
There’s something rotten in them too

12. Officials and the ”system”
The worst of them all is Social Services. They do nothing right.

13. Taxation
Because of it working it’s worthless

14. Other than ”real” jobs
What is a consultant? Suspicious.

15. Stranger trying to open a conversation with you
What’s wrong with him?

16. Dissimilarity
Immigrants will take our jobs and our women

17. Traffic wardens
Bullying innocent people

18. Phone seller

19. Wolves
Kill ’em all.

20. Dog poo
There’s dog poo in snow. Again!

And as a bonus: 

Finland and Finns.
Shitty country, shitty people.


“I’m happy to officially be BVB coach here. I absolutely wanted to be the coach for a big Bundesliga club, with a big tradition, and a challenger club. And BVB has a chance to compete for the title in all competitions where we are.”

“Dortmund have a bit of a developmental delay, not least because we’re changing coaches today. Other top Bundesliga clubs like Leverkusen, Wolfsburg, and Gladbach have had important coaching changes and have shown that they can consistently win. We want to challenge these teams again.”

“Time to train is of crucial importance, and the EL qualifier games will add a bit of complication there, so that is another reason why we have to make up some of the lost ground.”

“Working hard, being humble, having courage, being persistent are some of the core values I have and want to show, myself and for my coaching staff.”

“We have to create an atmosphere, brimming with willingness to compete, supportive and devoid of egotism. This has to be felt during our training sessions, and in every minute when we play our games. It’s my responsibility to create this atmosphere.”

“I’m confident I can do this, and it honours me that I get the confidence to do that here in such a big club. My decision to come here was very easy because of how much confidence Watzke and Zorc have shown in me so far.”

“It was really important that Jürgen went out amicably, and I can only start here recognising the incredible work Klopp has done here. I can only recognise and applaud the massive work of him, and no doubt about that for me - I can only start a new chapter to Dortmund, and we can only try this based on the big work that Klopp has done.”


“We talk daily about our squad, I have no demands and have made no demands. We have an amazing squad. No matter how much videos I watch beforehand, I cannot get to know the players and whats up with them without actually being here. I have to be able to get the context, and it is my big wish to work with everyone here and get a first hand impression here first. This is a brilliant squad composition, young and well-rounded, and there is no reason for me to make such decisions from my desk beforehand.”

“We are lucky that Dortmund already has a distinctive style of playing football, so I don’t need to invent a new one. Active, aggressive football is what I want. Playing dominant, getting the ball back quickly, is what we want. I’m looking forward to the big talent of our players, and will then make decisions on how to play after I get to know everyone properly.”

“From my time in Mainz of course I’m comfortable playing against the ball, and cherishing the time when you actually have the ball. Now I’m looking forward to a bit more possession, we have the quality of playing more dominant here.”

“It was clear to me I had to come here as soon as I heard they were interested. The city, the region is crazy about football, and I have only known this powerful support as an away team so far, and I’m really looking forward to getting to know the Ruhrgebiet.”

“We will have to make up for the lack of time in the season prep, and a proper pre-season would have been nice, but we have no choice here. This is a new step for me and we have to make do with the time we have. We would gladly have more time to get used to each other, and I would also prefer the NT breaks. It’s a big disadvantage, but we will make do. But it also means that this preparation stage, this part of getting used to another and getting the basics clear, might stretch into the season, and there will be symptoms of this in the first part of the season.”


nowon harmony theatre fansign - 150603

there was a male fan who did a full front bow kneeling on the floor to onew / jonghyun. he did it to jonghyun first who immediately bowed too - so far that his forehead touched the table.

at the end of the fansign the manager was going to pass jonghyun the sack of cds to sign but he ended up not doing so and turned jonghyun away. after doing this jonghyun held his mic, and looked around adorably for awhile. (source: yeowoogata)


Waiting for the day those hateful social justice bloggers stop picking at everything you (and Key) do, and realize that your words and actions have helped more people be comfortable in their skin than their little whinging and ultimately ineffective online rants ever have.

Il mio obiettivo più immediato al momento è rimettermi in piedi e diventare così hot che il mio ex tornerà indietro PREGANDOMI di dargli un'altra possibilità. Non perché io lo rivoglia. Se anche tornasse, gli sputerei in faccia. È un fatto personale.

anonymous asked:

sexuality is about who you're attracted to not how you are attracted to someone. soooo demisexuality isn't a real sexuality

uh well okay even if you think like that, if people wanna identify as demisexual cause it makes them feel comfortable, because they’ve thought a lot about it, who are you to come up to them and say that it’s not real??? like “oh i’m sorry but i actually know your sexuality better than you do!!”