it’s  been  10  days  now  since i’ve taken jessie on as a
                              muse,         and i have somehow managed to trick 500+
                              of you into following me.    gosh.    there are simply no
                              words to describe how grateful and flattered i am.

                              your  support  and  your  welcome  for this character is
                              so  very  close to my heart has just been overwhelming
                              and generous, and i just — can’t thank you enough.    i
                              look forward to writing with more of you; all of you are
                              an inspiration to have on my dashboard! you make me
                              aspire to be a better writer,  a better friend,  and just an
                              all ‘round better human,   & i hope all of you know that
                              you  are more than welcome to come to me at any time
                              — whether it be because you’ve a mighty need to write
                              an obscure thing  ( trust me, i am 9/10 game ), or if you
                              had  a  real crappy day and need someone to just listen
                              and support you.  thank you. so much.
                                                                                             love, nora/siffany

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