I had remembered this tweet as being by Gaider and was going to put this down to the art and writing teams just not communicating — see also: banters in Origins that suggest Oghren has a full beard — but it was Laidlaw, so I’ve got nothing. Bull definitely has a couple of truncated fingers on his left hand. And hilarious pants.

Discorsi queer con mia madre (imbarazzanti)
  • Mamma:vieni qui, ci sono delle mutande che non sono di nessuno.
  • *arrivo da lei e osservo l'oggetto in questione*
  • Me:sono mie, mamma.
  • Mamma:ma sono boxer da uomo!
  • Me:le metto per il ciclo, perché coprono di più *cazzate*
  • Mamma:e allora gli uomini comprano le mutande da donna perché non hanno il ciclo?
  • :Accetta la mia omosessualità, la mia ragazza e la mia vita, ma per le mutande da uomo, ci vuole tempo.

I’m not sure if you guys know but The 100 has been pre nominated for a People’s Choice Award (Favourite Network Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV SHOW).Now I think that’s pretty cool since we’re not the hugest fandom out there and we’ve only had a one season and it wasn’t even a full one.

So please go V O T E for The 100 right here

It’d be amazing if we could get into the final nominations and voting wont take that long!

Also please reblog this as a signal boost so that the other The 100 fans that don’t know about this yet can go vote!