The flowery mural was the first thing Leliana saw upon opening up her Coffee shop - the elegant lines and the inclusion of her own favorite Andraste’s Grace on the borders a clear giveaway to the identity of the artist. She doesn’t even question how Josie got into her shop, because once Josephine Montilyet sets her mind on something - then, well. Leliana supposes she just has to live with the new decor from now on. 

Meanwhile, in her own office, Josephine hums contentedly amongst piles of case files and court appeals - twirling a brush pen between her fingers and wondering whether Cassandra or Cullen could benefit from some well-drawn message in their places. 


I know how much Zoe loves this song so I thought I’d use it.
Happy 25th Birthday Zoe! :) I hope being 25 isn’t so bad hehe
May you live till you’re 112, still eating pizza and causing all kind of chaos in the Brighton senior citizen homes.


“Barça was and has always been my priority.“ - Sergi Samper