the word “meritocracy” was literally coined in a satirical essay about a dystopia and it was most certainly not intended to be a good thing, it was supposed to be a commentary about a society that stratifies itself based on incredibly narrow measures defined by the elite that perpetuate a very rigid class structure and oligarchical rule that disregards the welfare of everybody else

and now politicians everywhere have unironically adopted this dystopian conception as their ideal. isn’t capitalism amazing

Not A Troll

Despite what people like dissociating-in-dystopia want to say about me, I am not “trolling” or “attacking” a group. I am providing a *gasp* opinion on a open-forum blogging social media site and providing evidence to back it up. 

Of course, because of my mere evidence-supported opinion that DID/MPD, or at least 99% of people on Tumblr who claim they are special snowflakes, are not real, I am getting tons of hate messages by idiots who think that yelling down an opinion is mature. And if you all are not going to act like adults, neither will I. I made this blog so i can rant. And I am going to. 

No amount of death threats and screaming is going to change that fact. I will post my opinion if I want to. On your tags if I want to. And I will use your tags because that’s how tags are SUPPOSED to work. Not “ONLY POSR PRO OTHERKIN SHIT IN THE OTHERKIN TAG!” I am not going to shut up just because a bunch of babies want a circlejerk. 

Grow the fuck up, because reality is a lot harder than posts on Tumblr. In fact, this is yet again applicable to you whiners:

A Dystopian Dream

A Dystopian Dream

Cursed rays of Sun
tease skybound smog
and evoke
the crimson gleam
of aged rust.

Witnesses of our carnal sin
play a mournful symphony.

Wreckage, dirt and junk
replaced its percussion,
the decrescendo scream
of disfigured death
silenced a hundred violins.

The final melody
is but a fragment
of a stale record.

Oh horror!
I eat the madness
and it nourishes me
with nectars of reality!

Turn back now
and escape my fate,
or stay and admire
beautiful decadence.

~ Nino Kadić © 2015

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Hi there! Can you recommend me some webcomics? :D

Sure thing!! Check these out:

The Property of Hate - A little pure-hearted girl gets taken on a quest by a self proclaimed monster to (presumably) save a world filled with fascinating characters and a straight up prodigious amount of puns.

Ava’s Demon - A group of teenagers in a distant sci-fi dystopia are haunted by the anthropomorphic personifications of their inner issues that also represent the seven deadly sins.

Blindsprings - A young forest girl gets ‘’saved’’ against her will from a magical contract she was bound with and instead finds herself in a victorian city, caught in a conflict between two factions who can’t agree on a propper way to do magic.

Cucumber Quest - Bunny people with food names, go on a heroic quest through several different specifically themed worlds.

Paranatural - A kid moves into a new town with his family, starts seeing things and proceeds to join a club of local teenage ghostbusters.

The Lonely Vincent Bellingham - A man’s sabbatical year doesn’t go as planned.

Alice and the Nightmare - Basically an Alice in Wonderland inspired story in a university setting, with socioeconomic differences.

Helvetica: A young man looks for the meaning of life, after his death. A mystery story, but with skelettons.

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Bitcheeeeees, sBudget beats Clever everytime

The year is 2016.  Europe’s safety is once again at stake. Communism and fascism have been eradicated but a new source of danger emerges from the Alpine country which goes by the name of ‘Austria’. 

The civil population has been recruited into either sBudget Forces or the Clever Legion.  The government has been destroyed and the borderlines have been closed. 

The supreme leaders of each army, Spar and Billa, are fighting for the rightful throne of Austria’s products.  International spies report that the situation is quickly escalating.   May this terror soon end.

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X is a teacher, Y is a single parent.

X (let’s say Castiel) is a teacher in a government-controlled compulsory boarding school (what’s with me and totalitarian dystopias? Gen Y socialist, go figure). Information is very tightly controlled, so he’s unaware that most of the children there were abducted as punishment for their parents’ dissent. Generally he believes that the government is harsh, sure, but that’s for the greater good. The tutelage is world-class, minus the gaping holes where ideas of freedom, dissent, and self-determination ought to be.

Y (Dean) is a widower who spoke too loudly in the wrong bar while drunkenly bemoaning his problems. It wasn’t his first offense, so his daughter (or son, or whatever) was taken from him to ensure he wouldn’t “compromise her upbringing with disruptive indoctrination.” Over the course of months, if not years, he tracks down where they’ve taken her, and sets out to lure one of her teachers into letting him close enough to rescue her.

He befriends Cas under false pretenses, but turns out to actually like the guy; they have some lively and very private conversations about whether it’s better to have peace or freedom, and how much a comfortable life is worth if you don’t get to make any decisions. This has him conflicted because he’d have to come clean to make any chance of being with him (even just bedding him) real, but his kid comes first.

Eventually he’s ready to enact his plan to spring his kid, and he tells Cas about it – though not the full thing, he’s not gonna show his entire hand. It mirrors the 4.22 scene: “I do that, we will all be hunted. We’ll all be killed.” “If there is anything worth dying for…this is it.”

At the eleventh hour, Cas comes through for him, and runs distraction to draw off the security that’s coming for them. (”I’ll hold them off, I’ll hold them all off!”)

On the train to Elsewhere, Dean and Emma sit watching their homeland disappear into the distance, and someone comes to sit in their compartment. Before he can reach for his sidearm he hears a familiar voice grit out: “Hello, Dean.”

Serpieri also has a talent for presenting the truly horrific. I’m not just talking about the woman being assaulted and eaten by the monster, but also the reactions from the crowd in the first panel. Their reactions get worse on the next page, spelling out in graphic detail what exactly the monster did to the woman. Did I mention it was a dystopia?

(Heavy Metal issue #108, Summer 1986 - Page 55 Morbus Gravis by Serpieri)

So, loved Fury Road. LOVED. The thing that floored me the most was the efficiency and sparse power of the dialogue. There’s so much communication happening, with so few words. Something like 85% of the character and relationship arcs between various characters are created just through looks, gestures, moments that are absolutely rich in layered meaning. 

I need to see this again, so I can concentrate on the details. Like Pacific Rim, this one has so much MORE packed into it than the basic overview would suggest. 

I do have one question. (minor spoilers.)

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  • cafiffle:even though it’s like ‘I came for revolution and all I got was a bunch of schmucks drinking tea in someone’s living room’
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i fuckin hate living in the us. there are worse places but forreal we suck major ass

the us is a dystopia right now tbh 

i’m consistently terrified for my rights and autonomy in the supposed “land of the free” 

Word count: 13,389

Chapters: 10/10
Fandom: Sherlock (TV), The Matrix (Movies)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Mycroft Holmes, Greg Lestrade, Agent Smith
Additional Tags: Crossover, Alternate Universe - Fusion, Dystopia, Blow Jobs
Series: Part 1 of Desert of the Real

You have shown me a strange sight, and they are strange prisoners.

In which John has his world turned upside down, right side up, and upside down again, Sherlock wears a lot of vinyl, and they just might save humanity.


Rec: A crossover with The Matrix. Sexy and smart, a pack of rebels out to save the universe running on fumes, grit, and chutzpah. And of course the inescapable heat between John and “Locke”.

Some thoughts on Harry Potter as a dystopia.
fractalresilience replied to your postFive dystopias you find particularly interesting...

Interesting, why do you consider harry potter is a dystopia?

I find it impossible to think of Harry Potter as anything BUT a dystopia. Even Hogwarts itself is a dystopia.

Children are segregated based on a personality test at age 11, and then left to fulfill roles that were set out a thousand years ago, leading to cultural divides that continue for the rest of their lives. The Hogwarts house system is one of the main foundations of the pureblood/muggleborn conflict. And I haven’t even gotten into how Hogwarts is run, how useful it is as a tool for preparing people for adult life, and how dangerous it is to live there.

As for Wizarding Britain at large:

  • There’s no evidence that the Ministry of Magic is organized by anything other than cronyism.
  • The Minister for Magic is not a democratically elected leader.
  • Voldemort easily finds a foothold in mainstream society (even within living memory of his last reign of terror!) and his supporters easily infiltrate the government and implement all sorts of nightmarish and bigoted policies.
  • Azkaban,
  • We rarely see people working to innovate any aspect of wizarding society, with the exception of eccentrics like the Weasley Twins or Luna Lovegood.
  • Wizarding society is so isolated that purebloods find it strange if a witch or wizard takes much interest in muggle culture, even if they are muggleborn.
  • Umbridge is allowed to torture children and spread propaganda at the only major educational institution in the country.
  • There’s a huge amount of discrimination relating to non-human races, particularly House Elf slavery.

I could go on at some length on this topic, but instead I’ll finish with my pet theory: that Wizarding Britain is so fucked up that the rest of the wizarding world has just given up on it.

We know from the Quidditch World Cup and the Triwizard Tournament that there are plenty of magical cultures all over the world, but Britain receives NO kind of international help when Voldemort is on the rise or when the Ministry of Magic is in turmoil.

Obviously the “real” explanation is that the Voldemort/Harry/Hogwarts narrative must to be isolated for Harry’s story to be told… but I still quite like the explanation that Wizarding Britain has been abandoned by the rest of the world. Their society has become so warped, so backward and so beholden to irrational beliefs and traditions that other international wizarding powers have decided the situation is unsalvageable.

There’s no point in stepping in to get rid of Voldemort unless he becomes a threat overseas, because another Dark Lord will probably rise up in a few years anyway. And Wizarding Britain seems functionally incapable of defending itself from this threat without the help of Harry and his team of teen sidekicks – who by the end of the series are all suffering from PTSD because they have spent their formative years fighting in a dystopian war.

(P.S. Even if my pet theory ISN’T true, then the international wizarding community must still have SOME reason not to step in and help Britain fight back against Voldemort. Which, in itself, makes the world of Harry Potter seem even more dystopian than before.)