Lumipen 2

New projection mapping technology from the University of Tokyo can project in real-time onto moving objects:

In our laboratory, the Lumipen system has been proposed to solve the time-geometric inconsistency caused by the delay when using dynamic objects. It consists of a projector and a high-speed optical axis controller with high-speed vision and mirrors, called Saccade Mirror (1ms Auto Pan-Tilt technology). Lumipen can provide projected images that are fixed on dynamic objects such as bouncing balls. However, the robustness of the tracking is sensitive to the simultaneous projection on the object, as well as the environmental lighting.

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I’m so fucking exhausted of this poisonous and soul crushing culture that valorizes toxic masculinity and treats it as an inevitable social dynamic.

It starts so young with “boys will be boys”. The gendering of behavior (males=loud/abrasive, females=docile/invisibilized and given no room to be messy) isn’t even spared in childhood.

What does that even entail? Boys being rowdy and belligerent and destructive and causing frivolous uproar is a very unfortunate social norm. It’s not an intrinsic part of half of the world’s population. It’s a learned attribute and it’s done so early that it becomes almost impossible to undo.

We’re literally grooming boys to be menaces and even hinting that it’s a permanent trait and wonder why they later become unapologetically callous men.


What are the major themes you pursue in your work?
The major themes in my work evoke the human condition. For me, making painting is a way of reflecting on observed or lived experience and communicating that. Through my practice I hope to create a dialogue, both internal and external, that in some way resonates with viewers. My recent work was inspired by thinking about memory as a dynamic and creative process that underpins who we are now, and can lead to our experience of the contemporary. I am interested in how this is reflected in the process of making my paintings, through the transformation of an image, the editing and embellishing processes of interpretation.

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And being here without you, is like I’m waking up to :
Only half a blue sky, kinda there - but not quite.
I’m walking ‘round with just one shoe. I’m half a heart without you.
I’m half a man - at best. With half an arrow in my chest.
I miss everything we do - I’m half a heart without you.

Thank you for 5 incredible, joyous, loving, bright, cheerful, dynamic, exciting and funny years, Zain. 
Thank you for being helpful, hilarious, supporting, warmhearted, lovely and gently
Thank you for everything. 

Credits to the owners of the gifs. They don’t belong to me. 

  • What Tabata was actually saying:People of the same gender tend to be more open with each other in a more honest way. Adding someone of a different gender to the party changes that dynamic, whether they're attracted to this character or not. We want to show that a group of boys can have positive, emotional relationships with each other. Because of this FFXV's unique story of 4 young men growing a strong brotherhood will appeal to both men and women.
  • What How a Chunk of the FFXV Fandom heard what he said:vagz are yucky ew lmao wtf is wrong with u.

The above still, and some new information about Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch have come out via Buzzfeed:

  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson was encouraged to be ‘messy’ and ‘dynamic’ with his arms and legs to make the running appear more emotional and expressive.
  • Joss Whedon was not particularly delighted that Quicksilver appeared in Days of Future Past, but says that the speedsters may as well be different characters.
  • The Maximoffs are very much anti-America, and anti-Avengers, a very important dissenting voice in a universe where the Avengers are a world power.
  • Wanda’s powers can make you have a nightmare, and those nightmares are where we will see Hayley Atwell’s and Idris Elba’s cameos as Peggy Carter and Heimdall respectively.

(Source: Buzzfeed)

i, a european, had to educate myself on the race dynamics and on the history of racism in the united states so i could understand the situation there better. i’m not the only non american on this website who has had to educate themself on american issues, and you know why? because americans on tumblr constantly guilt tripped us into knowing everything about racism in a place where we don’t live

but when it comes to europe or other continents, most americans know fuck all. i’ve seen them calling southern europeans poc and applying the white/poc dichotomy in issues about ethnicity, not race. when charlie hebdo was attacked i saw americans saying that charlie was a person (charlie hebdo is a satyrical magazine). i saw them defend the terrorists bc the victims were mostly white

so if you’re american and you want to bring awareness to things that happen in europe, educate yourself first and don’t speak over europeans. we are diverse, yes, but we know how things work in this continent. after all, we live here, and you don’t. respect europeans the way we respect you and don’t speak over us when it comes to our own issues

IMO that Final Fantasy all male party thing is not really a big deal and I’m fine with it but then I saw the director saying: "Speaking honestly, an all-male party feels almost more approachable for players. Even the presence of one female in the group will change their behaviour, so that they’ll act differently. So to give the most natural feeling, to make them feel sincere and honest, having them all the same gender made sense in that way," And it kind of rubs me the wrong way? 

I’m all for realistic character writing and dynamics and not forcing writers to take a different approach if what they’re doing makes sense and is well written. And having a woman in a group can definitely change the group dynamic. (If it has to or not is a different discussion entirely.) But that less approachable, making other characters less sincere and honest, making it feel less natural stuff sounds like it was not worded in the most optimal way to justify the choice. To put it nicely. 

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how is fhawke and anders different than mhawke and anders? they're the same dynamic.

i’m gonna have to disagree with you there so i’m just gonna copy/paste what i have from an old argument because i’ve gotten asks about this at least five times. warning for ship critical stuff.

  • after you recruit anders as f!hawke, he never mentions to you karl was his lover, whereas he does tell m!hawke. his writer has stated that the reason she didn’t write that bit in for f!hawke was she didn’t believe anders would ever mention it to a female player. that is bisexuality erasure plain and simple, and it’s especially offensive considering anders is an openly queer character.
  • the game almost seems to pidgeonhole you into flirting or alternatively losing approval with anders as a f!hawke, which made me incredibly uncomfortable to deal with tbqh. i can’t remember the exact instance (it was one of the conversations where he told you to not get involved with him i believe). there were two flirtatious options and one heartbreak option.
  • anders seems fairly reluctant to enter a relationship with f!hawke, always telling her to stay away and brushing her off on a few instances, whereas with m!hawke he seems to welcome the flirting and even throws some flirting right back. i always interpreted this as anders being bisexual with a preference for men, but as a f!hawke it just seems like she’s forcing herself on him.
  • anders seems to see much more eye-to-eye with a m!hawke. they challenge each other and there’s definitely a mutual respect there. with a f!hawke, once the romance is initiated, anders can be a bit condescending with his the use of pet names that almost come off as really belittling in idle banter (specifically the one where he tells hawke he wouldn’t let them lock him up). i’ve had men call me ‘sweetheart’ in a similar manner that anders does to f!hawke and quite frankly, it’s really antagonistic and uncomfortable.

that’s pretty much it. honestly i would credit most of this to poor writing, especially with being pidgeonholed into flirting with anders or a f!hawke almost forcing herself on anders with uncomfortable dialogue. i similarly feel the same way about the m!hawke/isabela romance where their dynamics just make me uncomfortable and some vital information about the character’s personality is omitted (which again could probably be interpreted as isabela having a stronger preference for women), but that’s an entirely different thing.

anyway i hope this was somewhat insightful. i’m not terribly articulate so i apologize for that.

je-suis-haylestorm asked:

Hello. I am writing a relationship between two characters in their late teens/early 20s in a love/hate relationship. They genuinely dispise each other, but also want each other. Do you have any tips for making this dynamic believable? Thanks!

1. You have to give them a legitimate reason to be attracted to/drawn to each other. 

2. You have to give them a legitimate reason to hate/be repulsed by each other.

3. These two things must be in equal balance, up until the point where something (or several somethings) tip the scale in either direction. 

For example:

James and Garrett both join a music production company at the same. James is the son of the company’s president, and obviously got the job through nepotism, while Garrett had to work his butt off for the position, which immediately creates enmity between the two - especially when James is repeatedly given commendations at work that Garrett doesn’t think he deserves.

This situation is made a bit more complicated by the fact that Garrett didn’t find out about James’ connection to the company until after the two of them went out, got drunk, and had a one-night-stand. It doesn’t help that they have a very similar taste in music and have similar ambitions.

The two of them spar at work for months while having a bit of a thing on the side. Then Garrett finds himself at work alone with James when he collapses due to exhaustion, and Garrett realizes just how much James has been pushing himself for this job. It’s only then that he finds out James’ dad doesn’t actually want him to go into music (and definitely doesn’t want him inheriting the business) and has been pushing against his appointment, which is why James has been working so hard. This forces Garrett to reevaluate his earlier opinions and tips the scale away from hate.

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I was rereading PoA (one of my faves of the books) and decided to rewatch the movie version (my hands down least favorite of the films). And I've gone on about what an injustice this particular movie did to Ron's character. But I never realized how much of an injustice was done to Harry, especially during the time travel scene. In the movie, we have Hermione figuring stuff out while in the book it was Harry using that intelligence of his (which fans love to claim he lacks) to figure things out.


listen the movies honestly do all of these characters an injustice because jk wrote them so that they balance each other out. you butcher one person’s character and the entire dynamic is ruined. that’s what happened in the movies. you strip ron of his traits and pass them off, and harry isn’t as funny, he isn’t as charming, because half of his charm is he and ron goofing off together. ron is the HEART AND SOUL of the trio, and of harry, and it doesn’t serve any of them well to strip ron.

BUT YES. HARRY. god harry is actually so smart? and the first to work so many things out? and so many times he’s made this logical leap, he’s actually quite intuitive, no matter what trelawney says, and he’s actually brilliant when it comes to sorting out situations and motivations. actually, problem solving in general is kind of his thing.

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You did a post recently about Clarke and Lexa seeing both of their people separate from one another. So when Clarke saves Lincoln from the MM. She says "you are my people". Does that show that she sees the Grounders as her people too, or is that just targeted at Lincoln?

Clarke was addressing Lincoln specifically, not the Grounders as a whole. Though the relationship between Clarke and Lincoln is complicated, it’s clear that Clarke considers him to be part of her small group of trusted allies, as he is an extension of her close relationship to Octavia.

To expand this further let’s consider both Lincoln and Octavia’s roles in the narrative.

Lincoln and Octavia have always played an interesting role in the dynamic of the series, they’re essentially “the bridge between two worlds”. They represent the possibility of assimilation and co-existence. Lincoln is as much of a Sky Person as Octavia is a Grounder Warrior.

Essentially Clarke’s “You are my people” to Lincoln in S02E13 is a parallel of Indra’s “You are one of us now” to Octavia in S02E15. 

Even before they met, Lincoln and Octavia were never just one or the other.  

On the Ark the only people in Octavia’s life were Bellamy and their mother. To the Sky People she did not exist until The 100 program was executed. Octavia’s life and self-identity began on the ground.  

Lincoln on the other hand, has always sought peace between his people and the Sky People. When he was a boy he provided for the man who fell from the sky despite not knowing the language or who he was. Lincoln only stopped when his father demanded he kill the man. Lincoln, although loyal to his people, never understood or support their treatment toward the Sky People.

Clarke’s affiliation with Octavia has always been quite positive, it’s clear that Clarke understands the importance of Linctavia in the alliance between the Sky People and Grounders. The pair act as a symbol for the unity of the two people and Clarke has proven countless times that she trusts them both. Therefore she without hesitation claims Lincoln as part of the Sky People and into her small group of trusted allies, that we like to call her very own ‘Klarke’s Kru’.

-June / Taz

Over the years, I’ve noticed that the poses that I draw when I animate are somehow a lot more dynamic that the ones that I draw as single illustrations. So for this one particular commission (involving a character trying to fence and generally mucking about with a sword) I decided to doodle a little animation to see if I could get any decent poses out of it.

And sure, I guess it’s working out.

But it also means that some of the potential poses are like

The Mystery Of Time

The Mystery Of Time


Does time really exist? Time is what makes the physical universe, as experienced by your mind, move and change.

Without Time, the physical universe could not exist in a dynamic, changing form. But is the physical universe all there is, or is there something else?. Does the physical universe even exist, or is it just a dream like state experienced by your mind?

Through meditation, you can observe the present moment. But what about the observer, is it the same observer today as it is tomorrow? Was it subject to the laws of the physical universe such as time, or is it timeless?.

The best way to answer these questions is to gain the knowledge yourself through meditation. You will discover the answers if you look for them.

According to Freud, there are two basic states of consciousness experienced by your mind. Unconsciousness and normal consciousness. But what he did not realise is that there are states of consciousness above this “normal” consciousness. The next level up from normal consciousness is Higher Consciousness. This is achieved simply by closely observing all of your thoughts and actions without judgement or intervention. With this simple action, you are practicing Mindfulness.

It takes practice, you get glimpses at first but over time it becomes your usual state. Normal consciousness is an unconscious dream like state when compared to higher consciousness. Most people walk around in this dream like state for most of their lives, on autopilot and are only conscious for small amounts of time.

When you are closely observing all of your thoughts, sensations and actions without judgement, you become the observer. The observer is the real you and is beyond your mind, not your normal dream like consciousness that is a part of your mind.

The observer is not bound by time or space, but is Timeless. When you are 100% conscious, such as when deeply in love, time and space melt away and you feel a sense of an eternal present moment. Some people will say “It feels like this moment will last forever”.

The dream like world that you experience through your mind is only a fraction of what is possible. You have experienced it all your life so it has become normal for you. Start observing your thoughts and actions and your consciousness will grow. Spend at least 20 minutes per day sitting quietly closely observing your thoughts and sensations without judgement.

Where will you find the time? This is actually a positive time investment. 20 minutes of sitting quietly can get you hours of focused attention. Set a timer for 20 minutes and you won’t have to worry about time constraints. CEOs and other highly successful people are already doing this, sometimes referring to it as the secret of their success.

Falling deeply in love is one way to temporarily experience timelessness. But that depends on other people.  Just like falling deeply in love, it activates your Heart Chakra. But unlike falling in love, it doesn’t come with any risks such as attachment, or depend on other people to work. It decreases your dependence on others by allowing you to tap into what others would normally activate within you.

Additionally to what everybody else is saying about straight feminists refusing to own up to their homophobia when it comes to gay men….

…I find it hard to believe that these women give a shit about lesbians at all. They do not understand how dynamics in the lesbian/gay community work and yet they claim to know anything about misogyny against lesbians?

Everything they say just sounds like the good ol’ divide and conquer technique. They’re trying to seperate us from gay men not so women will stick together but only so that straight women can use lesbians better for their own agenda once we shut up about homophobia already. 

How to Get a Leo (F) to Like/Notice You!(Requested):

-She’s a dynamic person. Let her over exaggerate and dramatize things; it may seem annoying, but it’s what she does best.
-Be dynamic WITH her! To get her to notice you, you need to show her that you can be fun and dramatic, too! She will appreciate your energy.
-Show her that you are ok with her being in charge; don’t try to boss her around!
-She is a very loyal, generous friend, and she knows it. Don’t try to tell her otherwise!
-Don’t get in the way of her goals! She is ambitious, but she will find time for you, don’t worry!
-Don’t ignore her. She craves attention, and hates feeling left out or forgotten.
-Oh, and don’t embarrass her! She hates feeling embarrassed in front of a crowd! Keep that funny story about that stupid thing she did between you and her.
-Try your best not to argue. She is stubborn about what she believes, so if you MUST disagree, just let her know that you respect her opinions.
-If you are dating or talking: It is now that you need to really give her the attention she craves. Don’t try to make her jealous, it WILL get to her in a negative way. Show her that you care, and appreciate her generosity.