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yes but dude the 'hate; you are receiving and thus in your words - *proving misrandy* isnt aimed at you COS you have a dick it;s aimed at you due to your lack of insight and knowledge regarding this (which by the way is making you look like a fool)

actually i have a vagina. im trans…

I actually believe in Egalitarianism, making everyone equal and stuff. 

these people that dont take the time to look through my posts and see things ive explained to others are making themselves look like fools as well

“lack of insight and knowledge”, i have enough to know that feminism does not equal misandry. Everyone should be equal, not one higher over the other. 

next time take some time to look into the matter before charging head first

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do you like azealia banks?

You know I fucking love her hair. I watched a video it was just hair sex all over the place.

Not my type of blog but I like the question


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hey i like your new blog, i think its really cute despite the fact i first followed you cos of your old blog style! nice to see you on my dash, blog is cute. x

thanks v much xx