Everyone please go sign this petition. CBS have decided to cancel Unforgettable after 3 seasons. It’s one of my favourite shows and it breaks my heart that there won’t be a season four. If I get enough signatures then maybe I can prove to CBS that it’s worth keeping.

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Last Night's Episode


Last night’s episode of Unforgettable definitely had some unique twists and turns, which is why I love this show so much!  Two men were killed in this episode: the owner of a company that buys and delivers fake, expensive cars, and his delivery man.  And even though they work in the same environment, the motives for their murders were COMPLETELY different!  The man who sells the owner of the company the fake cars was suspicious that he knew that the cars were fake, so he was killed off.  But the delivery man was killed by his girlfriend’s father because he didn’t want the delivery man and his daughter to run away together.  In the beginning, the two murders seemed linked, but they weren’t at all!  Stunning!  I’m so happy with this season of Unforgettable!

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