13 bombs that were made by Harris and Klebold exploded outside of the school, 5 had exploded in the library, 6 in Classrooms and hallways, and 6 in the cafeteria.

2 bombs that had failed to explode were found outside, 26 in the library, 14 in the classrooms and hallways, and 4 in the cafeteria.

Twelve unexploded bombs, including the compenents for a car bomb, were found in Dylan Klebold’s BMW. One unexploded bomb was also found in Eric Harris’ Honda. Bombs in the cafeteria included two twenty-pound propane tank bombs, which did not detonate. In all, 357 pieces of explosives were collected as evidence, including items found in both boys’ homes.

When early word came that the Trench Coat Mafia may be involved in the shooting, Tom ran downstairs to look for Dylan’s trench coat, which he couldn’t find. He was afraid Dylan might be involved. So he called me and offered to go to the school in hopes of negotiating with Dylan. It wasn’t accepted.
—  Gary Lozow, the Klebolds’ attorney

inivican asked:

Why Columbine?

I’ve sort of answered this before, but mainly because when I first heard about Columbine, I strongly empathised with Eric and Dylan. I saw past the monsters constructed by the media, and knew that the incident was induced by a much more complicated set of factors than people would like to think.  Now that I am a bit older, I do not feel the same intense connection to them as I did back then, but I still believe that it is crucial to investigate Columbine and prevent such things from happening again. The prevalent Columbine community on Tumblr demonstrates that a large group of people also relate strongly to Eric and Dylan as I did, and that’s very sad.


Columbine Obsessed Female was arrested November 3, 2014 for planning to commit a mass murder at Radnor High School. Someone in the school found the journal Monday and reported authorities. She will be charged as a juvenile for terroristic threats. She apparently has a history with mental illness, but no weapons were found in her house.

The first photo is of the letter she wrote to Dylan Klebold’s parents. In part of it she says “I connected very strongly with your son emotionally”

Her journal was filled with things such as:

"I could be the first female shooter,"

 "I want to trap them, pick them off one by one. Blow up the cafeteria, maybe. Shoot everyone in classrooms, but how do I trap people. Leave survivors? Or nah? I kinda want to"

"Imagine the power, the bullets leaving the gun with a loud bang, piercing kids around me, the way they collapse, their blood splattering the floor… the screams"

  • Friend:It's disgusting how people have blogs dedicated to serial killers on here. Even if they are even interested in crime it's like completely gross and wrong. Some of them even call the killers bae or daddy. Those people are fucked in the head.
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