Next gift goes to my unofficial art parents Ty and Bee

I dont really have much to say except I don’t think you two have any idea how much you two inspire me to pursue my art and my music and how much your relationship has shown me that I dont need to settle that I can and should only be with someone that encourages me to grow as a person and who treats me the way I want to be treated.

I can’t thank you enough for you guys just being you and inspiring me to embrace my sexuality and explore my gender further by being the positive voices I didn’t know I needed.

Just thank you, and I hope that this is a good enough indication of my thanks.

Singles Below

[114] HAPPY BIRTHDAY SENPAI I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT ONE blows kisses and rolls away into a hole SO YOU CANT CATCH ME

Thanks for being such a positive influence for me (and a lot of other people). I’M VERY GLAD YOU EXIST SO KEEP ON KEEPING ON AND HAVE A GREAT ONE *_*  (I could say more. It could get really gushy. But I’ll refrain…for now.)

Just a bit of what goes on during Papa Ty’s streams

Featuring Dezzy and Lucas, two of the greatest guys you’ll ever meet and the most affectionate of boyfriends

Katie, the blanket worm/burrito, Jaime about to be crushed by Dez and Luca’s bro luv

Yuu just bein all neat and punny in the background and Azure whose just happy to have been awake long enough to make it (damn those time zones XD)

And of course theres me, the desperate attention whore trying to show papa yet more of my poor artwork TTwTT

Hope you like it guys, see you next water time~

diaologue, b/c you should’t try to read my shit handwriting:

Bee: Maybe if we’re reeeeealy quiet, they’ll go away.

Ty: damn brats keepin me away from Angel

Arjay: Still think you’re handling this well, Twin?

Cynthia: OMFG Nafisa plz control ur bumble-brats