Distressed With This Mess || Jesse & Santana

To be quite honest, Santana had almost momentarily forget about Sue Sylvester and her obsessive plan to purify the school. Her attendance around campus had been minimal, making it hard for anyone to be really frightened. Plus, it didn’t help that the year was coming to an end, and no sign of Sue and her hideous striped wizard robes were to be found. It made it easier, Santana supposed, to walk the hallways. The other Slytherins looked at her with respect, with knowing eyes that right after Sue and Jesse, she was the head honcho. But then again, Jesse had been rather minimal in his help too. The boy was conniving, sneaky, and a Slytherin to a T, but Santana had caught whiff of his not so secret interaction with Blaine Anderson the Gryffindor, and all respect had been tossed out the drain.

Not that Santana was homophobic in the slightest, how could she be when half of the day she was knuckle deep inside Brittany, but a Gryffindor? Even she wouldn’t go that low. It was Ravenclaw or nothing, a factor she was more than willing to brag about to anyone who could hear. But despite her big mouth and aggressive personality, Santana had kept oddly quiet and timid about her Sue-issued mission. She hadn’t expected this deal to actually go through, and to be quite honest, thought that Sue had been bluffing with her hatred.

But apparently the entire ordeal hadn’t been a joke, because now Santana was stationed in front of Jesse’s transfiguration class, foot tapping impatiently. She had never been a patient person, and today was no exception. Not when her anxiety levels were running high and she wanted nothing more than to get this mission done and over with. So with brown eyes casting over the group of people, she finally latched on to the silver button with the emblazoned wordsHead Boy.

“Head jerk,” she called out over the crowd, lifting her arm up so that he could acknowledge her. “I needsta talk to you about Operation Sue’s a fucking weirdo.” Her words were harsh, holding that curt edge most of her conversations held, but this was different. They were aggressive, but whispered, scared. “Can we go somewhere alone?”

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