If you are struggling please read this!

'There's nothing to lose' you say again
Slicing the blade across your skin
‘No one cares I’m just so alone’ you say as you stare depressed; all hope gone
But there’s something else that you forget
You are loved.
Another lie, what’s the difference
So many others it’s almost a preference
But there’s something else that you forget
You are loved.
‘Im important I do matter’
Thought often or never it’s the latter
‘No one would care if I would just die’
You say when they believe the *im fine* in your lie
But there’s something else that you forget
You are loved.
People do care open your eyes
I know it’s not easy but abandon the lies
It’s alright to admit you are not okay
It’s not always perfect at the end of the day
It will be alright, have faith, don’t give up
There is always someone you care for and love
It’s never to late to grab onto hope
Don’t give up don’t fall down the slope
There’s something you need to never forget
You. Are. Loved.

Please don’t give up. It will get better. It doesn’t seem like it and you don’t believe it but it will. You can get better. You are beautiful and talented and loved no matter what you tell yourself. Even if you are abused-bullied-struggling with depression and/or self harm and am eating disorder or just plain sad-you are loved. You are amazing. Don’t give up. Not now not ever. Stay strong

what happens when you wear merch at school
  • everyone:why do you want the horizon
  • everyone:who's bleeding on the dance floor?
  • everyone:who's alexandria? are you asking her out?
  • everyone:why would you pierce a veil
  • everyone:devil wears prada? I LOVE ANNE HATHWAY
  • everyone:who's chelsea? why is she grinning?
  • everyone:why are you panicking at the disco? it's just a disco
  • everyone:why would you sleep with sirens
  • everyone:why are you motionless in white? are you racist against black
  • everyone:of mice and men? is that a book wat
  • everyone:why is suicide silent
  • everyone:i thought brides had white veils
  • everyone:is falling in reverse like jumping?
  • everyone:why are you escaping the fate?
  • everyone:why is your romance chemical?
  • everyone:paramore? you must mean paranoid hahah
  • everyone:what's at an all time low
  • everyone:wtf is on your shirt

companions + colors