Today, 26 March 2013, is the second anniversary of Diana’s death. This Tumblr has now run for a full calendar year – thanks to everyone who has visited and contributed. From now on, entries will be less regular, keyed to important events and dates and discoveries and things you all send in.

Keep reading DWJ – Ave, Diana!

Exactly what it says on the tin.

“Diana Wynne Jones always takes magic for granted in the story she creates. And so the characters don’t go around explaining the fact that it is there to each other and to the reader. Instead, they might have to find out how it works, or what to do with it.”

DWJ Tee Shirt on othertees

URL here: http://www.othertees.com/photos/designs/98c32c8f9440db6f104c5e76e50be22f.JPG

“Othertees dot com has a Howl’s Moving Castle shirt up for sale for approx. 8 more hours.  Just thought you guys would like to know.”

Note from sdn: This is not on sale any more – I didn’t get the message until today. I am very sad.