Since that Greyface had cursed him, Lucifer had just been walking. He didn´t care where exactly he was going, as long he could distract his thoughts from Dean Winchester. But no matter how hard he tried, the older Winchester always found his way back into his thoughts. It was ridiculous. He, Satan (!) was acting like a schoolboy when it came to Dean.
His Body, his voice, his eyes, everything was perfect, without any flaw. And to be honest, he never thought that he would think of a Human like that someday. 
The Archangel growled. He desperately needed a Drink. Again, he didn´t care that the liquor here on earth was boring, not even making him dizzy. He would just have to drink the whole bar if that means he could shoo that Winchester out of his head that way. 
So Lucifer zapped away to the nearest Town, going straight for the first Bar he saw and immediately ordered a Drink as he sat down at the counter.