Artist Interview: Vladimir Lalić

Artist Interview: Vladimir Lalić 


Dvrcty: What are the things that mostly inspire you?

Vladimir Lalić: At the moment, I am occupied with the human body, anatomical drawings, facial gestures and organs. 
I am inspired by life and death, and the accidents and faults of the flesh, and a human being in a universal sense.

Dvrcty: How would you describe your style?

Vladimir Lalić: I would like to think of myself as an artist that doesn’t have a style, or rather, to make the anti-style. The more artist tend to build a style, the more the purity of art crumbles down. Style is the enemy of art. 

Dvrcty: How you think intaglio and “old school” printing techniques come across to a modern audience?

Vladimir Lalić: There is a small percentage of art consumers who are these days familiar with the process of intaglio techniques. But once they become more aware of the process, I feel that people will be eager to learn more and they will approach the work with a different attitude. The common misinterpretation is that, when image is printed, it is manufactured for the large masses, and actually, it is the art of multiple - originals.

Dvrcty: What are your struggles with the medium? 

Vladimir Lalić: To draw for me is to rest from the hard work of print making. It is like writing a personal diary. There my ideas fly and establish the direct correlation between thoughts and the medium (paper). With my prints I don’t do a series of sheets in some printmaking workshop but the whole process is performed by myself, from the drawing on the matrix and etching to the actual printing. I do a series of not more than 10 prints to leave it as intimate as possible. It is an intense and long work where I have to concentrate creative energy through a creative funnel into one thin beam, so as to withstand a long creative/technical process.

Dvrcty: Do you feel that psychology plays a large role in your work? 
Why or why not.

Vladimir Lalić: Yes it does. I want that my drawings have a strong psychological charge. A visual sensation gives a work strength, and a psychological connotation gives the work wings, and a life of it’s own. 

Dvrcty: What was your inspiration for this series?

Vladimir Lalić: The man is the inspiration. I was trying to strip away the man, to take everything off of him, until there is nothing but pure essence left. To pull out the innards and put them back again; to look through all aspects, to be cruel, brutally honest.
And the close-ups of the heads suggests a kind of most direct confrontation. 
For one of the works the inspiration probably came from the scandal that occurred in the Notre-Dame when one man blown his head up with a shot gun on the main altar. That kind of brutality disturbs me, and I later react subconsciously, not depicting it directly or illustrating the event, but trying to get the right emotional charge. 

Dvrcty: What do you want the viewer to get out of the series? 

Vladimir Lalić: I tend to leave my works ambiguous and free for interpretation. What I heard on the opening night and after, that some people are left with a very strong sensation from the exhibited works. I don’t want to force people to feel something with my drawings, nor do I have a plan to what my drawings tend to do to the observer. I tend to draw as purely from the heart as a can. If somebody can feel something strong out of it, I am glad, but that doesn’t change my perspective of works. 

Dvrcty: How do you feel about showing in the basement of the gallery? 

Vladimir Lalić: When I was offered to exhibit in the Centre culturel de Serbie I felt that the lower part of the gallery has a strong atmosphere 
and 3 rooms with pale ocher stone walls with a couple of niches. Since I wanted to exhibit some prints that I made before I came to
Paris and 2 different types of formats of the drawing, it fitted perfectly in this 3 rooms. Also, I think the cave, prison-like old space 
enhanced the poetry of my latest works. 

Dvrcty: Why have you decided to exhibit in Paris?

Vladimir Lalić: This is not my first time to exhibit in Paris. But this time, since I had a 3 month residency in Cite des art I felt that the logical cycle is to make an exhibition right before my return to Serbia. In that way I exhibited a fresh works and gave Paris audience my development journey through out last 6 months. Paris became a special place for me and I am planing to continue exhibit there more often in the future.




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