I’ve been meaning to post these for a while. Some gifs of my favorite scenes that I animated for the Cloudy 2 shorts. One from each short …Earl Scouts. ..Attack of the 50ft Gummi… Steve’s First Bath… and Super Manny. I’m pretty sure the shorts can be found online, but they’re also a bonus feature on the DVD and Blu-ray. The Character Layouts on these scenes were a combined effort between myself and Angelo Vilar. I animated them. Backgrounds were done by Ivan Aguirre and Arthur Loftis. Character Designs were a joint effort by David Feiss and Joey Chou. Compositing by Tony Christopherson.


Perhaps the Gamera film I’ve seen the most, it’s Attack of the Monsters!

Ugh. I’m starting to miss the Sandy Frank dubs. Even if the dubbing in these is better, once they start cutting the film I start hating it.

The first, and most obvious, cut is the Space Gyaos fight. We see his leg get cut off and then it just…ends. Why?

Then they removed the kid having his head shaved.

And last but not least, Guiron attacking the alien buildings is heavily shortened, and we never see it fall down. There are a few other shortened moments, but as I was fast forwarding it might have just been me missing a few second here and there. Top Gear was still on, ya see.

Quality wise, it’s like most Youtube version of this. Grainy but the audio if good. Cut wise though it’s pretty annoying.

Details For “Batman: Assault On Arkham – Two-Disc Special Edition” DVD Release

The X-Files (Rebooted): The Complete Tenth Season

Ever since I’ve heard of the potential happenings of a shortened reboot of The X-Files series, I’ve been so hopeful and excited. A faux season 10 DVD cover came to be, and then I began thinking about episodes, and this happened…



Their End, Our Beginning [10x1]
Mulder and Scully are back and the X-Files are re-re-re-reopened when a series of seemingly random victims of various ages and states of health begin dying with no comprehensible cause of death.

Black and Gold [10x2]
Scully’s faith is put to the test when she and Mulder investigate the bizarre claims of a man who professes premonitions of the second coming of Christ.

When Demons Hide [10x3]
A horrifying creature begins terrorizing the town of Lead. When the residents claim it’s the work of a manticore, it’s up to Mulder and Scully to prove (or disprove!) its dangerous existence.

Guidestones [10x4]
Mulder succumbs to the seductive allure of the Georgia Guidestones, the haunting seven-language structure  proclaiming the mysterious ten principles of the universe.

Fivesies [10x5]
A serial killer with an inexplicable ability to be in multiple places at once sends Mulder, Scully, Skinner, Doggett, and Reyes on a desperate quest to prevent more deaths.

Dehctiws [10x6]
Mulder and Scully have a literal out-of-body experience when a strange occurrence in an urban town results in their switching bodies with each other.

Day of Reckoning (Part 1) [10x7]
Mulder and Scully are reunited with their son and must make the ultimate decision.

Saecula Saeculorum (Part 2) [10x8]
Mulder and Scully must deal with the choices they’ve made regarding William’s fate…and perhaps their own as well.