"Pete’s Dragon means a lot to my family and I. We would watch it all the time when I was little and even memorized/sang the songs to one another. My parents even danced to "I’ll Be Your Candle On The Water" during their wedding. I wish we could watch the movie again and bond over it (we have a really old vhs copy and can’t find a dvd version of it)."


The first picture is the cover of the blu-ray case that comes with volume 4. The second and third pics are the covers of volume 3 and 4. I can’t find good pictures of these on the internet so I decided to scan them.

The rest of the pictures are scans of the booklet of volume 4.

Sorry for the low quality of especially the sketch page, this is all my scanner can do.

Charles Bukowski
The full quote: “Anybody that can see the opposite of what’s going on, I think is exceptional. Any place you go, if you see 50 people standing in one line and 4 people standing in another, you know which line to get into, dontcha baby? The masses are always wrong. Wisdom is doing everything the crowd does not do. All you do is reverse the totality of their learning and you have the heaven they’re looking for. It’s a basic wisdom, whichever way the crowd goes, run the other direction. Through centuries they’re always wrong, and they will always be wrong.


I bought the Soul Eater Not! blu ray volume 3 and 4 a while ago. Here are some scans from the booklet of volume 3.

- Meme’s underwear is too important to not include it seems

- “Sleeping bust”

- Thankfully they fixed some derpy scenes. As for volume 4, they fixed that famous derp fight between Maka and Feather. I would like to post screenshots for comparison later.