Here we go with the sixth episode of Smoky Mountain Wrestling from March of 1992! Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantel are here to call the action because this is “wrestling the way it used to be and the way you like it!” Rip Rogers is also in the building with some disparaging words for the SMW faithful! He’s going to do free squats for the entire hour that the show is on, just to prove his physical prowess over all of these hillbilly wrestling fans! Hollywood Bob Holly squares off with Jumpin’ Joey Maggs! Tim Horner comes out for an interview with Bob Caudle, but is interrupted by Rip Rogers as he performs his free squats! Horner bets Rogers $500 that he cannot keep the squats going for the rest of the hour! Terry “Bamm Bamm” Gordy makes his Smoky Mountain debut against Tommy Angel! SMW commissioner Bob Armstrong announces that there will be tournaments held to crown championship titleholders, with the tag team tourney coming up in two weeks! Commissioner Armstrong goes on to inform everyone that Ron Wright will be banned from ringside due to his interference in several matches lately! He may have a manager’s license, but no one is under contract to him! Wright wheels his way out to protest Armstrong’s decision, but he forgets that they have known each other for a long time! Bullet Bob knows Wright’s tactics and will not be fooled! Off he goes! “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff is angry that the piledriver has been banned here in SMW since that move is his calling card! He then steps into the squared circle to take on Barry Horowitz! Jim Cornette sounds off about the socioeconomic ramifications of revealing his secret new tag team! Prime Time Brian Lee goes up against Carl Stiles in the main event! Dutch Mantel is in Carl’s corner and one has to wonder what kind of shenanigans the Dirty Dutchman has up his sleeve! Rip Rogers is still performing his free squats, but Tim Horner decides to trip him up so he loses that $500 bet! See you next time, folks!

I just a thought maybe Burners need a kind of racing girl or something.
I forget that thinking later, and I going to Motorcity wiki and find this.

'[Full of gung-ho spirit and fierce determination, Texas is the ultimate Burner cheerleader…] - At Texas’s page’

"Oh cheerleader, huh? (‘▼’)" …and there it is. lol
And this is my first pic I drew all of burners kids.
(…Eh, they are kid’s. Right? ‘x’)a …)

쟤네들이 teenager라니 믿기 힘들어…
(translation: I can’t believe they are teenager…)

Look what you’re doing Tumblr, making everyone draw sad things.

I got a prompt that said “What if Dutch didn’t survive?” (in The Duke of Detroit episode).

Texas and Roth would go out and paint on walls and whatnot in Dutch’s memory. They may not be very good at it (not sure of the extent of Roth’s AI either), but it’s the thought that counts and how they keep Dutch’s legacy alive. (dragons with laser beams included)

Mike will continue to cry in a corner.