Het is zo raar om iemand te missen die je eigenlijk nooit gehad hebt.
—  (want ja, direct na het moment met jou gesproken te hebben, mis ik je blauwe ogen al)

The Drawing Lesson (1808). Louis Moritz (Dutch, 1773-1850). Oil on wood. Rijksmuseum.

The Drawing Lesson and The Music Lesson are pendants. They were displayed in 1808 at the first Exhibition of Living Masters, an event instituted by Louis Napoleon. The interior and figures are inspired by Classical antiquity. The woman’s clothing resembles a Greek robe, and the drawing model for the lesson is a Classical bust, similar to Greek Revival examples.


❝True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new.❞ — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I’m pretty happy with how my blog theme turned out, I’m usually working on it for hours and I end up being frustrated but now I’m pretty satisfied.
Yesterday I started in my new class at college (I’m no longer a freshman now, yay!) and it turns out I have a pretty awesome homeroom teacher. Only downside to the new class is that I am unfortunately the only girl once again and we have PE on Mondays so.. yeah, I feel pretty uncomfortable with this.

Photos taken: 2015-01-29
Song of the day: Prelow - Mistakes Like This


Ik wil terug naar de tijd, 

toen ‘rozen verwelken, scheepjes vergaan’,

nog de voornaamste poëzie was, 

en het leven nog niet zo ingewikkeld.

Ik wil terug naar de simpelheid, 

toen ‘houden van’,

nog iets betekende, 

en we nog niet door wanhoop waren omwikkeld.