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2013 is approaching and 2012 is coming to an end soon. And thankfully we are not dead yet! Hahahahaha… *cough* ok that was lame *cough*

Thank you guys for a wonderful experienced year on this social network this year. You who has done A-M-A-Z-I-N-G work with your flawless edits/graphics; you who always the one entertains me with news/joke/rumor and always be there no matter what shit the fandom was taking in; you who is tolerant of my awkwardness and didn’t mind talking to me, you who called me with billions nicknames that would given my mother a heart attack just because they love me more than just friend-I-know-from-internet… Thank you, thank you so so much~ (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

And to followers of mine that have been following through the year and put up with many of my shit, I love you ok ㅠ▽ㅠ 

Below is the list of beautiful people that you would never regret to follow, like, EVER!

Let’s create many memory in 2013 together as well neh?

And, Happy New Year!

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So some anon hounded me for a follow forever and much as I feel awkward doing this because I barely know half these people, here you go. My very first follow forever. Note: These blogs aren’t picked on how friendly I am with them. In fact, I’m only friends with about 1/4 of these blogs. I picked based on content/how much I like their blog/how long I’ve been following.


Tumblr Crushes:
keykeyseop, sowoneuls, jongih, wu-fan, gangstachan, kisoaps, rock-me-lee-ki, elisaur, icouldadrowned
 Other blogs ryeou, suhodesu, inmyownfiction, sunieekiss, mochiilover, kevinfuckingwoo, tickutacku, sunqhyuns, elimypigeon, jaexseop, keiops, ziitao, eexu, kaicecream, hoonicorn, kangyaru, dustlights, cumsamnida, shikkkeuro, wenjunhui, chanyor, shingyuu, yeahps, tb-cont, m-miller, sailorseo, soshifies, xiaoluh, danrevenge, missukiss, kumaseop, lee-kisses, elisenpai, hoontokki, inguks, kebinwu, kkumas-crotch, shindong-ho, waatter, infinite-kiss, pinktokki, greasu, southkoreans, haikki, inscrutable501, hyoyeon 

If I forgot to add any in the text part, sorry. It’s hard to keep count of these things tbh. :l Anyway. Thank you all for being amazing blogs for me to follow.

The total number of followers on my two blogs has become quite huge so I decided to make a small follow forever. I haven’t done any follow fridays or forevers ever so I’m not quite sure how this actually works but who cares tbh

These people are amazing, ok. Funny, adorable, great to talk to, been there when I’ve needed someone, I just- I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to talk to some of you guys, seriously. Some of you I’ve known for a long time and some of you I’ve just met but you are all precious.

There’s also some ridiculously beautiful blogs and inspirational people with great opinions and cool personalities who I haven’t talked to that much/at all but I hope that some day I can gain enough courage to start a conversation. maybe?

Anyways, I am so glad to have all of you on my dash.

(Don’t get upset if you are not on the list, I follow almost 300 blogs so it was a difficult task to decide my absolute favorites. If I follow you I do like you and your blog, don’t worry!)

You should follow:

cherrytio | dokyungsoo | drunkenfrenzy | dustlights | exolutely | humanised |  jkyung-e | jumtaeng | kainnibal | lefeon | luhans

maeumsoge | meanwhileelsewhere | mouseket | nanazumi | sehauns | sekai-ichi | takahiroki | taobum | taokaih | taoziatb-cont | toradai

waejoong | wanmeitao | wu-fangclan | yiwenh | zitaos-kokoro | 51rice

btw sorry about the pic i drew it like in 20 minutes

April’s first follow forever!

I actually wanted to make this in celebration of reaching almost 20k posts (not followers, haha!) which shows just how much time time I waste spend on this site. Regardless it’s been quite fun and I wanted to make this is as a sort of ‘thank you’ to everyone that’s made it such a great experience for me so far. I’ve left little messages for everyone that’s in this follow forever so just hover over your name and you’ll see it~ Some of these blogs are people that i’ve never spoken to before, so the only kind of messages I can manage to write for them are probably very short, sobs. And I’m also sorry for how awful it looks by the way, hopefully by the time I make a second one it’ll look a lot more like an actual follow forever, haha~ Anyways, here’s to all the wonderful people I follow! ♥ i apologize in advance if I missed someone sobs

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happy birthday steph (dustlights)!!

i was frantically looking for baekhyun things earlier but then i’m like w8, i know the number one thing in ur life is anD HERE WE HAVE IT (because it should be everybody’s tbh). but yes, thank you for being such a gr8 gr8 person to know. my twitter/my liFE has been ten times funnier with you in it. i don’t know how you think of the things you say because they’re literally genius with a touch of insanity all the time. thanks for listening to me rant about anything and i love how we’re able to click real easily since we have so many things in common. you are such a creative person, the sciences are holding u back!!1! but no i really do hope school will be good to you (always or i’ll burn it down 4 u istg!!!). don’t suffer too much and just remember, i’m always here for u if u want to drop out and explore europe. we planned our trip and our housing issues already, sO JUST SAY THE WORD AND I’M THERE. i hope you get all the wonderful food on this day and have a vERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY YA POOP ♥


Whooooo done :3 That was fun :3 Now for credits:

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Thanks for following and thanks for letting me borrow all your pony designs :3


[Ask Dark - 817]

Finally, after depression and stuff managed ta update ‘ere.  Ahm splittin’ the update in two posts since the 10 images limit ‘ere tis quite constrictin’ sumtimes.

Sum may remember The Bearded Muffin, and Knight and Dustlight from ask-knightpony

Also yin-yang-pony on the foreground.

dustlights said:



Baekchen is probably my favorite Chen ship just cos best friends 4 lyfe otp. I like them cos they can be complete bitches to each other but at the end of the day, they both luv each other and do gross things like link arms and touch each other’s bellys and sing duets together at the airport that no one wants to hear. idk i just have a lot of feelings for baekchen ;~;

"The charm of Infinite is that each of the seven members have their own clear and unique tastes. But we’re also like a combined set of presents. If you fall for one member we’re sure you’ll fall for the rest of us. It’d be so nice if fans fought over who they liked more. If we continue to think preciously of our fans and work hard to improve ourselves, maybe someday people will remember us." 

dustlights replied to your post: this is literally terrible like im so upset right…

even their title songs are sounding similar omg android humanoid ill actually listen to the next song if they name it blastoise

ugh god yes this is what i’ve been saying on here and twitter for the past however long

like jesus i know sme only cares about soshi rn but can they at least make a fucking effort for homin after everything they’ve done and accomplished for the company????

end kim youngmin’s reign of terror today text #SME2012 #STOPKYM to #3275 to pledge ur support for the movement 

dustlights said:

top 3 baekchen fics joye giveme shit to procrastinate with pls


"Maybe you’re hoping for a fairy tale too"
“Feels like I’ve fallen in love” (airplanewishes)
And anything from Baeklights