Thought I’d show this “before and after” shot.

I used to keep a Building save where I would build all my lots and then transfer the finished product into my main playing save. But since Debug and sim-made items (like paintings) do not transfer in the Gallery, I scrapped the whole concept and have been building in my main save since.

I’ve been cleaning up the saves and as I no longer have any use for the Building save, I’m getting rid of it. I haven’t touched it since Debug was added to the game, It still has the old version of the lounge and what is approx. the 3rd shell for the gym build.

When Lindsey and Stevie first became serious about each other, I thought they’d also become somewhat obsessive. I used the other word earlier, reclusive, more private. Yes I think the dominant person in the relationship then was Stevie. She was a charmer, she knew how to win you over. When she wanted something bad, it was the high-pitched little “Teevee” voice. When she meant business the voice dropped down an octave. She was certainly more of a woman than Sally Durbin, emotionally speaking. This maturity plus age (one year older) gave her the edge.
—  Javier Pacheco of Fritz- on Stevie and Lindsey’s relationship in the early days

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On this day in 1912, a screen legend was born…celebrating the irresistible charms and mighty talent of Eugene Curran Kelly, known to movie lovers the world over as Mr. Gene Kelly! (August 23, 1912 - February 2, 1996)