theironbullshit asked:

✍ - Ferdinand

✍ Highschool AU

Arabella carefully cut one of the tallest stalks of the tall, white calla she had managed to grown. In full spring now, they soaked up on the soon, deep and vast vessels for cute, fuzzy and chubby bumblebees that often hid inside.

“Here you go, just be careful.” Passing him a flower, Arabella was careful to keep the pliers away from his hands. “How many do you think I should pick? There are so many clubs, I thought at least a handful for each club president…”

Glancing to the side, she smiled at the shy, blond boy she had meet earlier at P.E. Arabella felt he needed some time alone, some peace and rest from all the jocks around the school who now where after him because of Gabe.

“I’m sorry I made them hate you.”