katherinegr4y said:

Just to be clear to the Anon who spouted such hurtful lies and slander, it is people like you who make Tumblr a negative, unhappy place. Not cool. Amy and I went to the Gulags together, we're tight, and I'm not standing for anybody making her feel less cool/awesome/amazing than she is (she's ICE COOL). If I EVER see a repeat of this I will find out where you live, sit you down, and teach you about good manners and internet etiquette over tea (The British Way). Good day. ALSO AMY. YOU. ME. EASTER

Thank you Katy. As always, ICH LIEBE DICH :) Of course, we shall meet whenever you’re back home for Easter!

For the record blog readers, please don’t take what Katy says too literally. We did not go to the gulags. We went to school together and learnt about the gulags in History class ;) 

Katy, I just had to screencap this for evidence because this makes me happppyyyy ^_^


Did I, or did I not say that I will have you won over within a year through the power of a bit of Bruno on your dash? My plan is working muhahaha ;)

I got him on a grunge (whatever the hell that means :P)/fashion blog and you’re getting slight Bruno feels!