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Pathfinder JR adventure

For those who saw my post yesterday about the homebrew kid-friendly game I ran, here is the entire adventure in full, ready to be run for your own group! Have a great day, friends! :)

You start in a tavern in the town of Greenvale, a quiet little hamlet nestled at the bottom of a valley. The countryside is lush and fertile with many locals having taken up farming to grow food and make a living.


Inside the tavern, a popular restaurant and meeting place, a few people are around the room eating and telling tall tales of adventure, exploration, and treasure. Listening to people you’re not sure if any of the stories are true or they’re just people trying to brag to each other.

As you spend time in the tavern, eating a delicious turkey stew, the room begins to empty and people head off to bed. Just as you’re thinking of retiring too, a dwarf stumbles through the front door and asks for help before collapsing. If the PCs are from Greenvale, they know him as Smithy Hardsham, a friendly dwarf who has a farm about a kilometre east of the village.

As you approach and help him wake up, he says “they’ve come back!” He introduces himself as Smithy Hardsham and explains that his farm had been attacked a couple of nights ago by strange creatures who had stolen his turkeys. In the morning he noticed strange footprints in the mud of the barnyard and decided to set up a watch to stop the creatures. Tonight they returned and overwhelmed him, causing him to flee back to town to ask for help.

He can pay 10 gold to each of the adventurers if they can help him out!

Down on The Farm

As you approach the farmstead in the middle of the night all is quiet. If there were any strange creatures around tonight, it sounds like there aren’t any now, nor does it sound like there are any other animals on the farm. But that might be simply because the animals are sleeping.

If investigated, the farmer’s house is a small cottage with a main kitchen, a bedroom, and a small closet. Outside the cottage is a tool shed and a nearby barnyard surrounded by a low stone wall. In one corner of the barnyard is a small, single-storey barn.

In the mud you can see strange fresh 3-toed footprints around the front door of the barn. There are no sounds coming from Inside the barn at all. Inside there are no turkeys. If a survival check is successful, you can see that the footprints lead outside the stone wall and off towards a small group of trees at the edge of the property.

Terror in the Trees

The footprints end at the trees. The trees are clustered around a quiet stream of water where a couple of turkey feathers are stuck in some muck. Searching around uncovers more of the footprints and another feather in the natural clay at the water’s edge.

The footprints lead to a large ball of tree roots. Moving aside some brush reveals a small tunnel that leads underground.

The Tunnels

The tunnel system is a simple 2-tunnel fork. Down the first passage is a kobold warren. In there are some bedrolls and 2 small leather pouches. Inside the pouches is 14 gold pieces and a potion of healing (will recover 1d6+2 lost hit points). As the heroes turn to head back down the tunnel, 2 kobolds appear and are surprised to find the heroes.

First fight!

     Kobolds (x2)

     HP: 6

     Attack: 1d4 damage

     Move: 4

     Treasure: 1 gold piece

The second tunnel leads to a larger room. On the way there, you smell something delicious, like roasting turkey. As you progress forward, you hear the sudden squawk and then gurgle of a turkey. You begin to see light and can hear hushed hissing and chattering sounds but it doesn’t sound like any language you recognize. On the walls of this tunnel you find tribal-looking pictures of small creatures standing around another larger creature. The smaller creatures seem to be bringing treasure and offering praise for the larger beast.

At the end of the tunnel is a large room with a fire pit in the middle. Over the fire pit is a black pot hanging off the handle of a broken spear. Sitting around the fire are 2 kobolds eating turkey and on the far wall of the chamber is another kobold plucking the feathers from a recently slaughtered turkey. The kobolds are very surprised to see the heroes and will attack right away.

Second fight!

     Kobolds (x2)

     HP: 6

     Attack: 1d4 damage

     Move: 4

     Treasure: 1 gold piece

     Kobold Chef (1)

     HP: 4

     Attack: 1d4+1 damage (shooting arrows)

     Move: 5

     Treasure: 3 gold pieces

After the fight you can hear the sound of a turkey clucking around a corner. As you go and check it out, you find a small pen with 2 turkeys inside it, completely safe. Next to the turkey pen is another small room that’s surrounded with more of the painting from before.

The Altar

In the small room is a wooden crate topped with a metal knight’s glove that’s holding a strange, flat curved item. If you investigate it, you discover that it’s a scale from a large reptile. It makes you wonder where the kobolds got it and exactly what - or who - it belongs to. Your first thought is that it might be a dragon scale but you haven’t heard of any dragons in these parts for hundreds of years. It seems to you that it would be a good idea to go back to down and show the mayor and others the scale and tell them what you found.

As you pick up the dragon scale, you discover that it has an interesting property: as long as you carry it, you get +1 to your character’s bonus.

Back to Town

The mayor (a human woman named Jam Fireheart) named seems very troubled by this news. He explains that many years ago the village had been attacked by kobolds that had been tracked to a cave far to the east, halfway up the wall of the valley. A small group of heroes ventured inside and had eliminated all of the kobolds inside. Since then, Greenvale had put the thoughts of danger behind them but it looks like they’re back.

If the PCs show the dragon scale they found, the mayor gets even more worried. She asks the heroes to go and investigate the old kobold cave in the hills and eliminate any threats there. Mayor Fireheart will offer 50 gold to each hero for doing so and will provide each hero with 2 potions of healing (1d6+2) and a traveller’s pack (2 torches, rations and water for 5 days of travel, bedrolls, 20’ of rope, and a flint and tinder) to help them out. She also gives them a map with the location of the cave marked on it.

Next Steps - Eastward, ho!

The team heads through the valley to the east. As they follow the road they take in the idyllic countryside. Gently rolling hills and green fields of crops being tended by oxen and friendly people who wave as you pass by. Across a stream (probably the same one that was next to Smith’s farm) is an orchard of apple trees where the team can take a break for lunch.

The countryside is peaceful and perfect and you begin to think about the kobolds you encountered at the farm last night. It would be a shame if more kobolds - or something worse- is up in the hill looking to claim the valley as its own.

Long since past the last farm, the road begins to end as become overgrown with grass and weeds. By the time they arrive at the end of the road, it’s the end of the day and it’s time to set up camp. Based on travel time to get here and the location of the cave as its marked on the map from Mayor Fireheart, you think the trip will take another day or two to complete.

The night is peaceful with a few wisps of clouds that frame a beautiful starry night sky. You can hear gentle water babbling via a nearby brook and a gentle breeze falls over you as you drift off to sleep.

In the morning, you’re woken up by the sound of an animal howling in distress in the woods nearby. As you make your way over, you find a large…

And that’s where I ended the writing. The actual session ended before Eastward, Ho!

Daily drawing #18. sketch of an idea for my next D&D character - the campaign’s based around an assassin’s guild (we play the assassins) and the idea is that each session is structured around a single “hit”. I don’t have a name for this chap yet but I’m really exited to play him - he’s primarily a wizard, all his spells are sort of themed around blood, kind of as close as you can come to being a vampire without actually being a vampire (he actually has a spell where if he drinks the blood of another spellcaster he can learn a spell they know which is pretty gross but THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES).

Face based off this fellow here, with a bit of Peter Cushing’s Moff Tarkin in mind I guess? Maybe a little of the Patrician of Discworld, too, but friendlier-looking. He’s supposed to look pretty plausible as just this nice old guy but with something suspicious behind his demeanor. Feel bad I couldn’t colour it but I just didn’t like what I was getting and I have not been in a great mood the last couple of days so I just want to go to bed. I will let you know how the campaign goes!

Bad decisions and firebolts

Today I lost a dear friend of mine, Kazfan, my first dungeons and dragons character. I’ve played Kazfan the Gnome Sorcerer since September of 2014 and we’ve had wonderful adventures together. Although we have had a few close calls and fiery explosions due to wild magic and bad rolls fate finally caught up with him.

We were exploring a series of tunnels created by monstrous worms and there was a large cloud of noxious gas ahead. Some suggested we go through, one suggested we burn away the poison. Kazfan agreed with this idea and cast a firebolt. Everyone rolled to stop him and failed. The firebolt hit the gas and a large explosion erupted. Kazfan and Ereb (my girlfriends sorcerer) were instantly killed after they failed a Dc15 saving throw and took an immense 71 damage. The rest of the party was severely injured but alive and now terrified of fire.

To my party, I am sincerely sorry. I didn’t think the explosion would be that bad.

To my girlfriend and her sorcerer, roll higher scrub.

And to Kazfan, goodbye my sweet friend. You will pass into the pages of the character sheets but not from our hearts.

Kazfan the Crazed. 2014 - 2015.

The party searches the mushroom forest for danger or reward.  Still one of my all-time favorite images of dungeon exploration.  (David Sutherland and Dave Trampier, credited as “DIS & DAT”, from the monochrome cover of module B1: In Search of the Unknown by Mike Carr, TSR, 1979.)