Dundonian For Beginners

A is fir Aipul.

B is fir Ba.

C is fir Crabbit, jist liyk mi gran’da.

D is fir Dockay.

E is fir Ehrum.

F is fir Fleg, thit miyt day yi hehrm.

G is fir Glaikit.

H is fir Hail.

I is fir Inglish, yi git tot in skail.

J is fir Joogul.

K is fir Kent.

L is fir Lahray, whut’s bumpirz ir bent.

M is fir Mingin.

N is fir Nut.

O is fir Oxtir, thit swehts kwiyt a but.

P is fir Payvee.

Q’s obsolete. 

R is fir Rah, liyk a fresh siyd o’ beef.

S is fir Sannayz.

T is fir Threed.

U is fir Umpteen, if it’s loads thit yi need.

V is fir Vext.

W’s fir Wah.

Y is fir yella, liyk non-drinkin snah.

Z is thi last ain, an that’s fir Zitno.

An that iz thi alfibit, so ull say cheerio.

eternalumbra said:

I'm gonna attempt it for you too omg Age:17 Gender: Female Orientation: Straight? ethnicity: DUNDONIAN! field of study/work: is music a good answer? :O fave tv show: I have no clue omfg maybe GOT?? Fave book(s): I dont think we've ever even talked books omg but Ill take a guess that you might like fantasy books? Fave video game: Theres so many possiblities?? I have absolutely no idea. fave food: Im just gonna say ice cream and hope for the best omg.

Age: yes, 17 :) 

Gender: female aye :) 

Orientation: nope! somewhere between bi and gay hahaha 

Ethnicity: YOU KNOW IT :D

Field of study/work: music is a good answer :) 

TV: Never watched GOT! I like the IT Crowd and Black Books ahah

Books: We haven’t lol, nah I’m actually not that into fantasy! I like realisticy type stuff :P 

Video game: I don’t really play video games at all so let’s say Mario Kart DS 

Food: ice cream is very good yes :) :) :) 

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The View - Shock Horror

Had a lovely time in Dundee visiting my second Mummy, favourite mustache kitty cat and neighbourhood husky. Shout out to Steve for making sure my tummy had lots of lovely food in it at all times making me chuckle, best guy.

We saw a pet fish eating another pet fish in Pets at Home. It was like a low budget Dundonian version of Blue Planet. It make me think about my own mortality.