Castle of the Day Dumbarton Castle, Dunbartonshire

The name Dumbarton translates as “The Fort of the Britons” - between the fifth century and 1018 it was the centre of the independent Kingdom of Strathclyde.  A royal castle stood here until the middle ages, although little remains currently survive.  Mary, Queen of Scots, stayed here briefly in 1548 and in 1571 Dumbarton Castle was captured from her followers in a night raid.  Dumbarton Rock is 240 feet high, and stands imposingly at a strategic point on the River Clyde.

Castle of the Day Craigend Castle, Dunbartonshire

The lands of Craigend were part of the Barony of Mugdock in medieval times, but the estate was sold in the mid-17th century to the Smith family. John Smith (1724-1812) was born at Craigend and became a West Indies merchant and the founder, in 1751, of the famous firm of booksellers, John Smith & Son. Smith built a plain house on the estate. After his death his son, James, incorporated that house in a much more ornate mansion, depicted in the photograph. It was designed by Alexander Ramsay (reputedly with some assistance from James Smith of Jordanhill) in what is described as Regency Gothic style. William Wilson and his son, the proprietors of a miniature zoo in Oswald Street, opened a new zoo at Craigend in 1949 with various exotic creatures including an elephant, lions, monkeys and crocodiles. It failed to attract significant numbers of visitors and closed in 1954. The grounds became part of Mugdock Country Park and the castle has become sadly become a ruin.

Sightings of Big Cats in the UK

Sightings of Big Cats in the UK

29th July 2009 (Wednesday)

Area: Helensburgh, Argyll, Dunbartonshire.

Police dog handler, PC Chris Swallow spotted a 1.2m (4ft) long creature that he now believes was one of the Big Cats which reportedly roam the UK.

It was prowling near a railway line. The size of the track was much larger than a domestic cat and the way it balanced along the railway line discounted it as being a dog.

A large…

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Clydebank-4th June 2013

Location of Sighting: Clydebank Date of Sighting: 4 June 2013 Time: 9:05 PM Witness Name: Raymond McGlynn & Aileen Dennis Witness Statement: I saw a plane take off from Glasgow Airport, from where i sit in the living room chair seeing the take off”s at this time of year is like a 5 – 10 […] #UFOS #OVNIS

Scotland Decides -- Results so far

Seventeen councils have now voted, with two for YES and fifteen for NO.

YES: 521,441 (43.75%)

NO: 670,354 (56.25%)

The councils are as follows:

Angus: 43.68% YES — 56.32% NO

Clackmannanshire: 46.20% YES — 53.80% NO

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar: 46.58% YES — 53.42% NO

Dumfries and Galloway: 34.33% YES — 65.67% NO

Dundee City: 57.35% YES — 42.65% NO

East Dunbartonshire: 38.80% YES — 61.20% NO

East Lothian: 38.28% YES — 61.72% NO

East Renfrewshire: 36.81% YES — 63.19% NO

Falkirk: 46.53% YES — 53.47% NO

Inverclyde: 49.92% YES — 50.08% NO

Midlothian: 43.70% YES — 56.30% NO

Orkney Islands: 32.80% YES — 67.20% NO

Renfrewshire: 47.19% YES — 52.81% NO

Shetland Islands: 36.29% YES — 63.71% NO

Stirling: 40.23% YES — 59.77% NO

West Dunbartonshire: 53.96% YES — 46.04% NO

I’m gonna update this post semi-regularly, because we keep getting close groups of results all at once.

anonymous said:

But the rest of Scotland voted no so...

Yet it is Glasgow’s George Square that is currently being overrun by Pro-Unionists.  Does anyone in Orkney have to listen to chants of ‘Bow To Your Queen?’  Does Dumfries and Galloway have to re-route to their work tomorrow to avoid what is an ongoing vicious display of Neo-Nazism?  

No.  Because the rest of Scotland does not host the sectarianism of the Orange Order.  That is Glasgow’s problem, and I want to highlight that despite this, the majority voted in favour of the motion.  

Also, ‘the rest of Scotland’ did not vote no.  Dundee, West Dunbartonshire and North Lanarkshire voted Yes.  The poorest areas with the highest rates of deprivation.  And they were denied it by the rest of Scotland, who tonight and tomorrow, do not have Unionists rioting on their streets.

impossiblesouffleguy said:

I wonder if Glasgow, North Lanarkshire and West Dunbartonshire can just tell the feart 55% to piss off and go independent themselves. Dundee as well. Seriously, this is gutting. I'm not even Scot in any way. I'm from Singapore, and what Scotland is facing now is what Singapore faced 50 years ago, only we had no natural resources and it was the WORLD, not just UK, telling us we would fail, as we left Malaysia. Now we're richer than Malaysia. Bravehearts, where are they?

You, my friend, have summed it up. You didn’t give in to fear and you ask a question that everyone else in the world will be asking.


West Dunbartonshire, Scotland - Overtoun Estate and the grisly Overtoun Bridge from which over 50 dogs in at least 50 years have inexplicably jumped over 40 feet to their deaths upon the path or rocks below.

According to Unexplained Files (warning: link leads to clip of dramatic rendition of dogs leaping off the bridge), a new episode for this season, the authorities have finally listened to dog lovers and have placed a sign warning that the bridge is dangerous to dogs not leashed.

I love this show but this episode just made me cry.