Hi. I think I’m gonna share a little story since its 2 AM and I’m not even thinking straight. Some night in 2013, I had messaged Josh Dun of twenty one pilots on Facebook. I didn’t really intend for him to see it. I was only venting because I was on the verge of doing something I’d regret and I never thought he’d read it. On Christmas Eve of 2013 he sent me this and I honestly just have so much respect for this man. Needless to say, I did cry and find some hope inside of me that things would be alright. Things are alright. I have yet to meet Joshua Dun, but when I do, he will receive the biggest hug in the world. Thank you Josh Dun.


when people ask what kind of music/bands/artists do you listen to


Tear In My Heart | 6.3.15 (at Shubas Chicago)