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I just wanted to draw this cause a lot of girls(artists) on instagram have been drawing and portraying girls of my country into one generic type which maybe I’ll upload later so some of you could get a clearer picture of what m talking about. M not saying that that type is wrong or something but we are all different then each other and we don’t all fall into a certain type of image. It just bugs me. As for the dudes, I have no excuse, I just wanted to draw some guys.

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TOUCH this image: Perungudi Dump-Yard

Officials indulging in Unofficial Dumping Practices

Kodungaiyur dumpyard is the largest dumping ground in Chennai. Approximately 5000 tonnes of waste is dumped each day

The Kodungaiyur dumping yard has been illegally built on a 750 acres institutional area.

The areas close to the dumping ground, namely, Krishnamoorty Nagar, Ezal Nagar and Rajaratnam Nagar are affected.

The dump yard affects approximately 1,00,000 residents and is still growing.

As a result of the existence of the dumping ground since 1982, the waste has been overflowing on the streets.The garbage spills onto the streets affecting the lives of the residents.



Dr. Chernaik of US,warned that dust levels found wld cross the US Environment Protection Agency benchmark in near future.

Parallel to the dumping ground, runs a 40-feet road which has narrowed down due to spilling of waste.Burning of wastes in the dump yard by the authorities, results in air pollution affecting the health of the residents.Emission of gases, results in the thick fog, reducing the visibility level making the area an accident-prone zone.

Due to unhygienic conditions, the education of children is also hampered. They suffer from various diseases.



According to the Municipal Corporations, they have been trying to segregate the non-degradable waste.The Corporation has launched various schemes like gold coins in return of plastics to segregate the non-degradable waste easily.


A Special Photo-story on the Perungudi dump-yard created by our reporter Akshita Khosla

Cows eating plastic and other waste in Kovilambakkam