It has occurred to me that perhaps some of you have twitter and would like to follow me. Maybe I wanna follow you. Who knows. Anyway my username is @dumpweed453 and I tweet a lot. Like a lot, apologies. Usually about food, headaches, shit that annoys me and music. It’s a good read. So good it’s private but I accept everyone- I set it to private when I was getting trolled by 16 year olds. Hi kiddos.

30 Day Challenge, I’m such a fail whale at this. Apologies! I’m back on it I promise. Gonna finish it this weekend

day 21: (a)a picture of you standing up. These are my legs, not particularly sure why they’re orange at the top. Managed to edit out some of my killer bruises aswell so it’s not all bad

(b) something you enjoy doing: idealistically I do appreciate sitting in my room drawing with tweetdeck open so i can concentrate without worrying, with my iPod on and some coffee. That’s what I like to do when I get the chance.