Arrested for "stealing" food that grocery chain threw away [2014]

In the UK, the Crown Prosecution Service is pressing criminal charges against three men who dumpster-dived discarded food from the skip behind an Iceland grocery store in London. They’ve charged under “an obscure section of the 1824 Vagrancy Act.” The CPS is going ahead with the charges because “we feel there is significant public interest in prosecuting these three individuals”. Pirate Cinema is not an instruction manual, gang.

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But rlly yongguk be just so fkn.. too deep like forrel. When hes posting like random pics on his insta like why son? u mad zelo didnt make enough rice and u just had to post on insta about the inequalities of life???

Yongguk reminds me of the armchair revolutionaries that I know who like to talk about a worldwide revolution of the working class but then all they do is get into arguments with Marxists on reddit and post angsty things on tumblr about the sad state of the world and maybe at some point formed a punk band that went on tour for a little while until they got sick of dumpster diving at college campuses for food. 

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You wait til you've spent your years of all nighters, mental breakdowns, and anxiety attacks and then tell me it doesnt bother you to see 16 year olds claiming to be engineers to impress some strangers on the internet.

Who the hell was I trying to impress? I posted two sentences about dumpster diving, referring to helping my brother find pieces for a wheelchair that he’s designing to help people in third world countries. I wasn’t expecting any kind of validation or applause from the internet or from you. If you’re so pissed about your all-nighters, maybe you should go to sleep instead of spending your time harassing teenagers online.


These photos are the choice cuts of some photos I found in a dumpster in Iowa City last year.  These pictures show a magic time in Bruce and Jennifer’s lives (names taken from the back of the photos), two young deadheads in love following the Grateful Dead around before settling down to raise a family.  I found these photographs tucked in with a bunch of papers detailing life insurance, but lets not paint a morbid picture here. 

Of interest is the last photo from a Grateful Dead concert.  Date and location unknown.