I read those books and I really loved how they turned out.

The first book Dumb Jock was taken back 30 years, Jeff was a nerd kid in high school who was “nobody” in school until he met Brett who was a popular in high school,plays football. One day, Brett was failing classes and he needs to get some help so the school send Jeff to tutor him and when their relationship as a tutor and a student evolved and led something more and their friendship turned into something special. Keep in mind, they live in a small town where everyone knows everyone and gay doesn’t exist in that town. Anyway, their relationship developed something really strong and realized how much they fell in love…

Another Dumb Jock: The sequel of Dumb Jock, 30 years later, Brett and Jeff got married and live in Florida and have 2 children together, Adam and Lisa. This book is focused on Adam who is a baseball player in his high school, the history have repeated but he wanted to prove everyone that his parents are gay doesn’t mean he is gay. So, Adam fails 2 classes but needs to pull up his grades in order to stay in his baseball team, when he met his tutor he thought his tutor was weird but few days later of tutoring and getting help, 1 little incident have changed the dynamic of their relationship. This book have alot of funny moments and it is totally worth to read! I read this book in 1 day!

This book shows that gay parents are more like straight parents and love their children more than anything in the whole world. They live a very stable gay-friendly environment with a very beautiful home but of course there are obstacles they go through in their lives but at the end they are 1 big happy family.