Toy shop

Fili weaves his way around people in the marketplace, keeping his eyes forward to his one destination, the toy shop. After a few minutes he makes it there, and runs in. “Mister Bofu-!” He stops as he doesn’t spot the familiar dwarf but the older one instead, the one with the axe in the head. He looks around before walking over the the other dwarf, gazing at his work. His eyes then go up the axe, not so much gazing in disgust or fear but more so awe. A small smile comes to his face and he soon speaks up. “Excuse me, is Bofur in today?”

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The drinks in Beorn’s Carrock flowed endlessly. Quite like most of the Dwarves, Bilbo was frankly very drunk, and was mingling among the Company quite freely. When he bumped into one and received a grunt in response, his arms automatically wound around the larger frame. “Mmm… Thorin?” Raising his head, though, he discovered that this Dwarf was absolutely not Thorin, and in that moment was entirely sobered up. “Erm, I’m sorry, Bifur—”