anonymous said:

Any wrongdoing Hook may have committed when he let the lost boys take Bae off the ship he made up for by helping to rescue Neal from the echo cave, even if it meant reuniting Emma with the man she loved. Of course by then he had no idea how screwed up Emma's history was with Neal. Still helping Emma save Neal was good form, and she even said it meant something.

And gave his ship over to helping rescue SMF’s son (as they’re so fond of reminding us Henry is) and returning to his own personal hell. For a boy he barely even met. Also, honestly, I still don’t see what choice Hook even HAD:

He had already saved DumbFire from drowning, previously protected him, was fully prepared to die protecting MiniBagel’s unappreciative teen ass when WetFire demanded off the ship….so Hook’s choices were throw him back in the ocean to certain death (including his own) or turn the stupid kid over, knowing they’d both live that way. Sorry, I’m just not seeing what other options Hook had.

And as you note, he then promptly revealed the turd’s status and helped rescue him. TBH, I don’t get why everyone knocked themselves out and twisted themselves in knots to help the guy. He was super unappreciative (because he was, always and forever, an entitled, fatuous douche) and always managed to fuck things up, put everyone in further danger or be useless…I mean this was his greatest talent:


And in the end, even he recognized Hook was the one who could save Emma and Henry….because even Bagel had stopped shipping BagelSwan